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Newsletter 75:
Issue No. 75 was released on 30 April, 2022. Download the pdf here.. [45.4 MB]

Newsletter 01:
Issue No. 1 was released on 18 January 2016. Download the pdf here.. [1.77MB]

Contents for Issue No. 01
1. Introduction to the BIRDS Project
2. The Mission Statement
3. Profile of project members (students)
4. Mission Design Summary (from Taiwo)
5. Ground Station Network
6. Mission Design Review
7. ANUC of Ghana becomes the first official overseas member of the BIRDS Project

Newsletter 02:
Issue No. 2 was released on 24 March 2016. Download the pdf here.. [4.63MB]

Contents for Issue No. 02
1. BIRDS Project Photo Contest
2. PDR (Preliminary Design Review)
3. One-month visit by Dr. Balt Suvdantsetseg
4. Student Apiwat (Thailand) attends JAMSAT Symposium of 2016, and makes report
5. Subsystem Summary #1: Structure
6. Subsystem Summary #2: Digi-Singer
7. Subsystem Summary #3: POS (Position)
8. Subsystem Summary #4: ATM (Atmosphere)
9. A Very Good Video by our Mongolian Team

Newsletter 03:
Issue No. 3 was released on 16 April 2016. Download the pdf here.. [3.44MB]

Contents for Issue No. 03
1. Subsystem Summary #5:  COM
2. Subsystem Summary #6: OBC
3. Subsystem Summary #7: CAM
4. Photo Report: Ground station in Thailand
5. Photo Report: Ground station in Ghana
6. Videos by Team Bangladesh
7. More pics of ANUC-Kyutech signing ceremony on 6 January 2016

Newsletter 04:
Issue No. 4 was released on 16 May, 2016. Download the pdf here.. [3.53MB]

Contents for Issue No. 04
1. BIRDS students meet two JAXA engineers
2. Ni-MH Battery Screening Process
3. BIRDS Golden Week Barbeque & Cooking Contest
4. Winners of the cooking contest
5. Subsystem Summary #8: EPS
6. Subsystem Summary #9: Antenna System
7. Subsystem Summary #10: SEL
8. BIRDS Project explained at RAST, Radio Amateur Society of Thailand
9. News from the ground station of ANUC, Ghana
10. BIRDS Summer Workshop (formal title: First International BIRDS Project Workshop and CDR)

Newsletter 05:
Issue No. 5 was released on 19 June, 2016. Download the pdf here.. [5.24MB]

Contents for Issue No. 05
1. BIRDS Workshop: Welcome message from Japan Team
2. BIRDS Workshop: Welcome message from Ghana Team
3. BIRDS Workshop: Welcome message from Mongolia Team
4. BIRDS Workshop: Welcome message from Nigeria Team
5. BIRDS Workshop: Welcome message from Bangladesh Team
6. Delivery of Structure and Thermal Tests Model (STM)
7. Battery Screening Overview
8. Press coverage of BIRDS in Bangladesh
9. The first BIRDS article to appear in the Japanese news media
10. Subsystem Summary #11: ADCS (Attitude Determination . . .)
11. Ground Station in Taiwan
12. Assembly of the EM (Engineering Model)

Newsletter 06:
Issue No. 6 was released on 12 July, 2016. Download the pdf here.. [4.63MB]

Contents for Issue No. 06
1. BIRDS Project described during 2016 COPUOS Meeting in Vienna
2. BIRDS Workshop: The program (agenda)
3. BIRDS Workshop: DAY 1 Overseas guests arrive from Ghana, Mongolia, Malaysia, etc.
4. BIRDS Workshop: DAY 1 Tour of LaSEINE lab facilities
5. BIRDS Workshop: DAY 1 Afternoon of Day 1 (lunch, talks by each country, LOI, etc.)
6. BIRDS Workshop: DAY 1 Official Group Photo of the workshop
7. BIRDS Workshop: DAY 1 Workshop reception (in Kokura)
8. BIRDS Workshop: DAY 2 Critical Design Review (CDR)
9. BIRDS Workshop: DAY 3 Press Conference
10. BIRDS Workshop: DAY 3 “Letter of Intent” (LOI) Signing Ceremony
11. BIRDS Workshop: Output of the Press Conference: article by Yomi-uri Newspaper
12. BIRDS Workshop: Output of the Press Conference: article by Mai-nichi Newspaper
13. BIRDS Workshop: BIRDS Project presented on TV in Bangladesh (television news)
14. Tobata Gion Oyamagasa Festival
15. UN supports Basic Space Science – research, education, and applications; this is a book review.

Newsletter 07:
Issue No. 7 was released on 11 August, 2016. Download the pdf here.. [5.79MB]

Contents for Issue No. 07
1. Official name of each BIRDS satellite
2. Antenna pattern test in anechoic chamber
3. Work begins on the BIRDS Ground Station
4. Tobata Gion Oyama-gasa Festival
5. Kukinoumi Fireworks Festival
6. Installation of hardware at the Tainan (NCKU) Ground Station
7. Thermal vacuum testing of multiple cubesats
8. Vibration testing: why and how?

Newsletter 08:
Issue No. 8 was released on 15 September, 2016. Download the pdf here.. [3.45MB]

Contents of issue no. 08
1. Mainichi Newspaper interviews the Bangladesh Team
2. The weekly BIRDS Project meeting (a sample)
3. Royal Government of Bhutan announces its participation in BIRDS-2
4. Mongolia's first satellite (BIRDS) announced in Mongolia's news media
5. BIRDS team goes to Saga to take FCC Amateur Radio License exam
6. Newspaper in Ghana talks about the BIRDS Project
7. BIRDS members will participate in “2016 World Space Week in Kitakyushu”
8. Management aspects of the BIRDS Project
9. Two BIRDS students participate in the 60th Space Science and Tech. Conf. at Hakodate
10. BIRDS Research Coordinator G. Maeda travels to Sudan and Ethiopia
11. Kyutech International Coordinator S. Kikuchi travels to Mongolia

Newsletter 09:
Issue No. 9 was released on 19 October, 2016. Download the pdf here.. [1.77MB]

Contents of issue no. 09
1. Congratulations to all who passed the FCC amateur radio license exam of 3 Sept 2016
2. BIRDS mentioned in Issue No. 884 of “Kyutech Journal”
3. BIRDS mentioned at Small Sat 2016 (Utah State, USA)
4. JAXA mentions BIRDS at “Mexico-Japan Education Forum” during 2016 IAC Mexico
5. Good news from NUM (National University of Mongolia)
6. Innovative educational aspects of BIRDS presented at 2016 IAC Mexico
7. Announcement regarding United Nations/Japan Long-term Fellowship Programme on Nano-Satellite Technologies (Kitakyushu, Japan)
8. BIRDS members participate in Kitakyushu’s World Space Week (a global UN event)
9. Taiwo (the Project Manager) will present the project at UNISEC-Global@Bulgaria

Newsletter 10:
Issue No. 10 was released on 13 November, 2016. Download the pdf here.. [4.41MB]

Contents of issue no. 10
1. BIRDS students talk at Meisenkai branch of Kurume
2. NUM announces at the UN its involvement in the BIRDS Project
3. UNOOSA recognizes Kyutech’s capacity building achievements, including BIRDS
4. Departure from Narita for UNISEC-Global in Bulgaria
5. FBS TV (local TV station) shoots BIRDS work for a documentary
6. Project Manager Taiwo presents BIRDS Project at UNISEC-Global in Bulgaria
7. Latest photos of some of the BIRDS ground stations around the world
8. Bhutan students (BIRDS-2) have audience with their prime minister
9. Bhutan news media covers the nation’s first step into space
10. Bhutan students arrive at Kyutech
11. Group photos of BIRDS-1 and BIRDS-2 teams
12. BIRDS-2 Project Kick-Off Meeting

Newsletter 11:
Issue No. 11 was released on 18 December, 2016. Download the pdf here.. [5.16MB]

Contents of issue no. 11
1. BIRDS Ice breaker Lunch
2. BIRDS covered extensively at 2016 APRSAF through three presentations
3. BIRDS participates in Kyutech Student Festival
4. Profile of Reuben Jikeme Umunna – new member of the BIRDS-1 Team
5. The work of Salehin Kibria in the BIRDS Project
6. Blank
7. Introducing Mr Mainbayar Altansukh of Mongolia
8. Milestones of frequency coordination for BIRDS
9. BIRDS-3
10. The Mongolian team, plus two visitors from Mongolia
11. Deadline reminder for 2017 PNST applications
12. Introducing Prof. Duger Ulam-Orgikh of Mongolia
13. Management of ANU (Ghana) visits KMUTNB (Thailand)
14. Each team undergoes rigorous practice for solar panel attachment
15. BIRDS engineers do ground operation practice with actual HORYU-4 passes
16. Azami and Syazana (both UiTM of Malaysia) join BIRDS-2 Team
17. Full-discharge-and-recovery test on the batteries
18. Introducing Prof. Mohammad Tariqul Islam
19. BIRDS-2 students sit amateur radio license exam

Newsletter 12:
Issue No. 12 was released on 13 January, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [3.98MB]

Contents of issue no. 12
1. Thanks and farewell to Salehin (who helped BIRDS-1 on antenna issues)
2. BIRDS-1 and BIRDS-2 mentioned during Joint Session of SEU-WG and ST-WG of recent APRSAF
3. BIRDS-2 Team celebrates 109th National Day of Bhutan
4. BIRDS students Bonsu (Ghana) and Ibukun (Nigeria) present at “SAES_2016” symposium
5. BIRDS-1 engaged in assembly of Flight Models
6. TV film crew comes from Mongolia to Kyutech
7. Explanation of Kyutech’s logo
8. Filming TV in Kitakyushu
9. BIRD-2 MDR (Mission Definition Review)
10. Celebration of BIRDS-2 MDR completion, and the completion of Year 2016
11. New Year Greetings from the BIRDS-1 Team (in the assembly clean room)
12. Paper to be published soon: Classification of Countries Worldwide according to Satellite Activity Level, by J.Polansky and M.Cho.
13. To communicate with BIRDS satellites you must have a valid radio operator's license
14. Ground Station (GS) of UiTM --- a status report
15. Thermal Test Plan for BIRDS-1 Flight Models

Newsletter 13:
Issue No. 13 was released on 24 February, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [6.54MB}

Contents of issue no. 13
1. Visiting scholars – welcome Dr. Werner Balogh of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs
2. Space Engineering Seminar of SEIC
3. The +Y side of each BIRDS-1 satellite has a special “country pattern”
4. BIRDS Project discussed on nation-wide television in Mongolia
5. BIRDS Students Taiwo and Turo give 20-minute talks at lean satellite standards workshop in Tokyo
6. International Workshop on lean Satellite Standardization – 2017
7. Call signs are given to BIRDS-1 !
8. Students (including BIRDS-2) visit Karato Fish Market for Japanese cultural experience
9. Dr Donkor (President of ANUC, Ghana) visits Kyutech for planning discussions
10. Mr Korpong of King Mongkut's University (N.Bangkok) visits Kyutech and BIRDS
11. Developer of BIRDS-1 and -2 patch antennas invited as a keynote speaker
12. Thermal vacuum test of BIRDS-1 Flight Models – 4 units simultaneously
13. BIRDS Antenna system test and development
14. FM Integration and Vibration Testing
15. Completion of the BIRDS flight models – press conference held at Kyutech in the AM
16. In the PM, a press conference was held for the benefit of the media in Bangladesh
17. The Flight Models go to JAXA (Tsukuba Space Center)
18. BIRDS at Tsukuba: Photos provided by JAXA
19. Lessons learnt by BIRDS-1 – transmitted to BIRDS-2 members
20. General announcement: First International Workshop on Smallsats for Space Weather Research and Forecasting (SSWRF)
21. Antara receives award for outstanding mid-term presentation from Prof. Honda

Newsletter 14:
Issue No. 14 was released on 28 March, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [2.31MB]

Contents of issue no. 14
1. The importance of UNISPACE + 50
2. Celebration of the delivery of five BIRDS-1 satellites to JAXA (which was done on 9 Feb.)
3. Visitors from National Univ. of Mongolia, and from King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok
4. Student Nakamura presents BIRDS at Kyutech small sat workshop
5. Space Policy Strategy – making ten year plans
6. KMUTNB Ground Station
7. Planned location for the UiTM BIRDS Ground Station, in Malaysia

Newsletter 15:
Issue No. 15 was released on 30 April, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [8.99MB]

Contents of issue no. 15
1. BIRDS-2 PDR (Preliminary Design Review)
2. Video conference between Antenna Team (UiTM) and BIRDS-2 Representatives
3. Progress presentation at UiTM
4. Call sign for UiTM Ground Station
5. Taiwo interviewed by “Fukuoka Now“
6. Kyutech-UiTM business meeting
7. SEIC/BIRDS students do farewell lunch for Dr Werner Balogh on 28 March 2017
8. Interview with Dr. Joel Joseph S. Marciano, Jr., of DOST in the Philippines
9. Interview with Rei Kawashima, Secretary General, UNISEC
10. The President of Ghana is presented with a mock-up of GhanaSat 1 (a BIRDS-1 cubesat)
11. Cherry blossoms are in bloom – the most beautiful time of the year in Japan
12. Dr Suvdaa publishes capacity building paper in Mongolian Journal of Strategic Studies
13. Bhutan students are formally admitted in Kyutech
14. ITU issues IFIC (Int'l Frequency Info Circular) for BIRDS-1; hence NASA can launch all five BIRDS-1
15. BIRDS-2 Team celebrates completion of their PDR
16. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-01: ADCS - Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS)
17. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-02: AMR-MM Mission
18. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-03: Antenna Design
19. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-04: APRS-DP Mission
20. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-05: Camera Mission
21. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-06: Communication Subsystem and Ground Station Network
22. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-07: COTS GPS Mission
23. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-08: OBC Subsystem
24. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-09: SEL Mission
25. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-10: Store-and-Forward Mission

Newsletter 16:
Issue No. 16 was released on 29 May, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [4.49MB]

Contents of issue no. 16
1. News about Bhutan's first satellite (BIRDS-2) is covered by newspaper in Bhutan
2. Golden Week Lunch for the BIRDS-2 Team (another event to celebrate the completion of the PDR)
3. BIRDS-1 Team Member has written an outreach guide for receiving BIRDS signals with a home-made antenna
4. Trip report to Ghana
5. Trip report to Nigeria
6. Tokyo unveils its logo for international branding
7. UPD Members of the BIRDS-2 are interviewed by ANC of the Philippines
8. Operational rehearsal of BIRDS-1 (preparing for the operation of five BIRDS-1 satellites while on orbit)
9. “The Big Power of the Small Sat Revolution” (Via Satellite “VS” Magazine)
10. Satellite news at the ANUC's main website (Ghana)
11. Great new video by the BIRDS-1 Bangladesh Team – check it out
12. Fellowship Program of: The Matsumae International Foundation
13. June Launch of BIRDS-1: Press Release by the Bangladesh Team
14. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-11: EPS (Electrical Power System)
15. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-12: Structure
16. Tentative plan for the BIRDS-2 CDR of July 18-19
17. Profiles of the BIRDS-2 Team Members
18. Viewing the launch of BIRDS-1 via the Web

Newsletter 17:
Issue No. 17 was released on 26 June, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [6.77MB]

Contents of issue no. 17
1. BRAC Founder and its Chairman Sir Fazle Hasan Abed formally inaugurated the ground station of BRAC University
2. Altitude of the ISS for the past year
3. How does the ISS orbit the earth?
4. BIRDS members participate in local sports events – experiencing more of Japan
5. The SpaceX@Florida launch that did not happen
6. Trip Report to Mongolia
7. Princess Mako’s visit to Bhutan covered by the media in Japan and in Bhutan
8. BIRDS-Bangladesh covered by leading print newspaper in Bangladesh
9. Successful launch of the BIRDS-1 constellation aboard Falcon 9 rocket
10. CRS-11's Dragon successfully captured by the ISS
11. Photos from the launch site (Pad 39A of the NASA’s Kennedy Space Center)
12. Some of the messages received regarding the successful launch
13. The launch is covered by Nigerian television
14. The launch is viewed by the FUTA community (in Nigeria)
15. The status of BIRDS-2 Frequency Coordination (FC)
16. Prof. Cho makes a presentation at June 2017 COPUOS Meeting in Vienna
17. YouTube site for viewing the deployment of BIRDS-1
18. What is Tana Bata Day?
19. Tobata Gion Oyamagasa Festival
20. BIRDS-1 of Ghana covered by its media
21. For SEIC and BIRDS students, Dr. Amelia Greig teaches rocket propulsion course
22. The BIRDS Session during recent ISTS meeting in Matsuyama
23. Kyutech BIRDS members conduct outreach at Kurume University
24. Some photos from Bhutan
25. Concerning the first signals of BIRDS-1 satellites after ISS release
26. BIRDS-2 student Adrian discusses store-and-forward during SEIC Lunch Time Seminar
27. Proposed BIRDS-1 QSL card by Ghana
28. Proposed BIRDS-1 QSL card by Mongolia
29. Proposed BIRDS-1 QSL card by Nigeria
30. Proposed BIRDS-1 QSL card by Bangladesh
31. Kafi is awarded second prize for Best Poster at ISTS
32. First meeting of the BIRDS Ground Station Operator Network
33. Team Bangladesh trip to home
34. BIRDS-1 news story on Nigerian television, as ISS deployment approaches
35. The current schedule of the BIRDS-2 CDR of 18th July, which starts at 13:00
36. Upcoming space technology events – message from the United Nations
37. The 2-day CDR event of BIRDS-2 on 18 and 19 July 2017

Newsletter 18:
Issue No. 18 was released on 30 July, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [9.34MB]

Contents of issue no. 18
1. Yeshey gives a public talk on "Bhutan in Space" at Kyutech Library
2. The first general paper about the BIRDS Project goes back to November of 2015
3. JSPS funding for 3 years of BIRDS International Workshops
4. Apiwat (BIRDS-1 member) recently visited Kyutech
5. On 27 June, Dr Amelia Greig formally received her Letter of Appointment to Kyutech
6. All back issues of the LaSEINE Annual Report are available on line
7. Delivery of BIRDS-1 to the ISS is reported in APRSAF News Mail No. 150
8. Prof Shibata (robotics research, Kyutech) promotes SEIC at AIR in India
9. BIRDS Project written up in the LaSEINE Annual Report (issued in March of 2017)
10. Japan changes landing permission sticker
11. Kyutech welcomes Miss Gladys Oppong of Ghana to inspect BIRDS activities
12. Watch BIRDS-1 FM assembly in fast-motion video
13. BIRDS-2 Solar Panel Assembly Practice
14. Announcement from the Malaysians of BIRDS-2
15. Deployment Viewing at JAXA Tsukuba Space Center, non-JAXA photos
16. Deployment Viewing at JAXA Tsukuba Space Center, JAXA photos
17. BIRDS-1 deployment viewing in Thailand
18. Naadam Celebration by Kyutech Mongolians
19. JA1GDE sent a signal report for BIRDS-1
20. DK3WN sent a signal report for BIRDS-1
21. Assembly of BIRDS-2 Engineering Model EM-1 on 15 July 2017
22. Arrival of the 5-person delegation of Bhutan for the BIRDS-2 CDR
23. Report by Ms. Gladys Yaa Saah Oppong on her recent visit to Kyutech
24. Nikkei writes about the deployment of BIRDS-1 constellation
25. “Certificates of Appreciation” given out during BIRDS-1 Deployment Party
26. Report on the ground station in the Philippines
27. Tobata Gion Yamagasa Festival was attended by many members of BIRDS
28. BIRDS-2 Logo
29. BIRDS-2: Antenna gain and radiation pattern measurement
30. BIRDS-2: Structure assembly procedure
31. BIRDS-2: Vibration test activity

Newsletter 19:
Issue No. 19 was released on 25 August, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [4.95MB]

Contents of issue no. 19
1. BIRDS-1 of Nigeria (“EduSat-1”) is described in The Nigerian Tribune
2. Day 1 of the BIRDS-2 CDR (the next few pages)
3. Day 2 of the BIRDS-2 CDR (the next few pages)
4. The departure of the UiTM delegation
5. The visit to Kyutech by UiTM is written up at the website of UiTM
6. Check out this popular beer joint the next time you visit Kitakyushu
7. Dr. Werner Balogh receives BIRDS-1 Certificate of Appreciation during INSPIRE Workshop
8. Steps were taken to register BIRDS-1 names with NORAD
9. A new age for remote sensing -- using nimble satellites
10. Some BIRDS-1 articles that appeared in the press in Bangladesh this year
11. BRAC ONNESHA ground station operation
12. A Russian Web article about BIRDS-1
13. An Ukrainian web article about Kyutech’s BIRDS Project

Newsletter 20:
Issue No. 20 was released on 18 September, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [7.70MB]

Contents of issue no. 20
1. An outstanding video by JAXA about JAXA-Kyutech collaboration (BIRDS-1)
2. Events – UNOOSA … especially UNISPACE+50
3. Malaysians of BIRDS-2 offer celebration event for the entire BIRDS-2 team
4. BIRDS Project is one of three finalists for the GEDC-Airbus Diversity Award
5. Messages from BIRDS members who return to their homelands this month
6. Update of the camera mission of BIRDS-2
7. Reminder: The Ten Rules of the BIRDS Project (for students)
8. Reminder: The 2nd BIRDS International Workshop, in Ghana
9. The current situation of the BIRDS-2 antenna system
10. Three BIRDS students attend UN symposium in Austria
11. BIRDS students participate in LaSEINE Summer Camp at a retreat in Oita Prefecture

Newsletter 21:
Issue No. 21 was released on 25 October, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [8.89MB]

Contents of issue no. 21
1. Prof Cho discusses BIRDS at COSPAR in Korea
2. BIRDS written up in Issue No. 26 of the APRSAF NEWSLETTER
3. PNST (the UN-Kyutech Fellowship) is recognized during Global Networking Forum at 2017 IAC
4. JAXA exhibits at 2017 IAC
5. BIRDS students deliver presentations at IAC
6. Mr Benjamin Bonsu (Ghana, BIRDS-1) receives award at IAC
7. LaSEINE welcomes new students (including many BIRDS students) with BBQ
8. BIRDS-3 Kick Off Meeting of 4 October 2017
9. Ground station report from Sri Lanka – a member of the BIRDS-3 Project
10. A short article about the BIRDS Project Newsletter
11. Two space videos worth seeing (both at YouTube)
12. Apiwat met UN space expert in Bangkok on 16th Sept 2017
13. NUM celebrates its 75th anniversary and Kyutech/BIRDS receives special recognition
14. BIRDS Project wins Airbus-GEDC Award for Diversity in Engineering
15. Friday, 13 Oct. 2017: Activities of BIRDS-3 team
16. In support of BIRDS and other space activities, UiTM opens “Center for Satellite Communication” on 10 August 2017
17. World Space Week (WSW) celebrated at Kyutech
18. The bus system of BIRDS-2
19. The BIRDS-2 GPS mission in brief
20. Nepal signs BIRDS-3 CRA Application
21. Update on the store-and-forward mission of BIRDS-2
22. Small party to celebrate the taking of First Place of 2017 GEDC Airbus Diversity Award

Newsletter 22:
Issue No. 22 was released on 30 November, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [4.47MB]

Contents of issue no. 22
1. Post-graduate study on Nano-Satellite Technologies (PNST) has been renewed
2. JAXA recognizes “GEDC Airbus Diversity Award” going to the BIRDS Satellite Project
3. Preparing for the 2nd BIRDS Int’l Workshop in Ghana
4. More news on the GDEC Airbus Diversty Award given to BIRDS
5. Hawks (baseball team) takes the championship in Japan
6. BIRDS Project mentioned at UN/Russia workshop on human capacity building
7. The kind of pics possible with passive attitude control (from Horyu-4)
8. The 2nd BIRDS International Workshop was held in Ghana, 20-23 November 2017
9. Call for papers – first conference convened by new Center for Satellite Communication
10. JAXA announces Kibo Utilization Strategy – download the pdf from Web
11. Mr Stephen David Taabu (Makerere University, Uganda) explains BIRDS Project at his university
12. Store and Forward Mission (S&F) Implementation in Bhutan
13. Self intro by Noraisyah – joining the UiTM team on the BIRDS-2 Project
14. GST development at UPD (Philippines)
15. Review of recent BIRDS-3 activities
16. BIRDS at SSTC in Niigata
17. BIRDS at APSCC youth development workshop in Tokyo
18. Update on StoFow at UiTM

Newsletter 23:
Issue No. 23 was released on 25 December, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [16.6MB]

Contents of issue no. 23
1. Post-graduate study on Nano-Satellite Technologies (PNST) has been renewed
2. LaSEINE members – group photo
3. Winning design of “Lean Sat Logo Competition”
4. The 15th Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference in Kobe in June of 2018
5. Int'l Space Exploration Forum (ISEF2), side events
6. “Space Girls”, a book published in Japan
7. PNST and Space Law/Policy course mentioned at UN symposium in South Africa
8. 2017 PNST Symposium was convened at Kyutech
9. Prof Tariqul and Dr Huzaimy commence their 2017 4th quarter courses at SEIC
10. Work Breakdown and Product Breakdown session of BIRDS-3
11. Profiles of the members of BIRDS-3 Team
12. BIRDS-3 Activities during Nov-Dec, 2017 (1)
13. BIRDS-3 Activities during Nov-Dec, 2017 (2)
14. Special photo report on UN/South Africa Symposium, by Senior of Namibia
15. 27-year-old “Space World”, an icon of the Kitakyushu area, will close it gates this month
16. A discussion on NanoRacks Cubesat Deployer, and JAXA’s deployer
17. Introducing Dr. Noraisyah of UiTM, Malaysia
18. Yomiuri Newspaper interviews several members of BIRDS -1 -2 and -3 on 20 Dec 2017
19. International Conference on Space Weather and Satellite Application
20. Second BIRDS International Workshop – Ghana

Newsletter 24:
Issue No. 24 was released on 29 January, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [13.8MB]

Contents of issue no. 24
1. BIRDS-3 MDR (Mission Definition Review)
2. Photo of BIRDS-2 Team taken with the OVCAM of the BIRDS-2 satellite
3. How to adapt to a fast-changing world
4. Assembling FM (flight models) is serious business
5. Media news on the Nov-2017 BIRDS Workshop in Ghana
6. Ghanian Times of 21 Nov 2017
7. BIRDS-1 Team invited by Airbus to its Japan Office
8. Potluck dinner of BIRDS-2 and BIRDS-3
9. VC of Nepal NAST visits Kyutech to sign BIRDS-3 CRA
10. BIRDS-3 logo contest
11. International Workshop on Lean Satellite – 2018
12. BIRDS written up in the Airbus Japan Newsletter of October 2017
13. Nepal clears a major hurdle for funding its BIRDS-3 project
14. Prof. Mwangi Mbuthia (Univ. of Nairobi) discusses BIRDS-4 at Kyutech
15. 2018 International Conference of Space Weather and Satellite Application (ICeSSAT 2018)
16. Thermal vacuum testing of the flight models of BIRDS-2; and handover of FMs to JAXA
17. “First Ground Station Operation Workshop” at Kyutech
18. BIRDS-3 Activities of Dec 2017 - Jan 2018 - by Abhas
19. BIRDS-3 ski trip to Hiroshima on 8 January 2018
20. Subscribe to JoSS: Journal of Small Satellites
21. Prof. Jordi Puig-Suari delivers special lecture to the students of SEIC and BIRDS
22. Yomiuri Newspaper discusses Bhutan BIRDS-2 effort
23. Update on the BIRDS-2 Project as it approaches delivery to JAXA

Newsletter 25:
Issue No. 25 was released on 27 February, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [13.4MB]

Contents of issue no. 25
1. More photos of BIRDS-2 thermal vacuum test in January
2. UNISEC celebrated its 15th anniversary on 27 January 2018
3. Read all about BIRDS-1 deployment (last summer) at JAXA’s website
4. Getting an ISSN (Int’l Standard Serial Number) in Japan
5. Nepal’s first satellite (a BIRDS-3 CubeSat) is announced on television
6. 15th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, at Cal Poly, 30-April thru 2-May, 2018
7. 32nd Annual Small Satellite Conference, 4-9 August 2018, Logan, Utah, USA
8. Join the “Lean Satellite Project” of Kyutech
9. UNISEC-Global delivers statement and presentation at COPUOS in Vienna
10. The BIRDS-3 weekly meeting
11. “PNST Symposium” mentioned in Japanese education journal
12. What is Hinamatsuri?
13. The BIRDS Project and Cho Lab aggressively implements “5S”
14. Mid-winter snow falls on northern Kyushu
15. The three flight models of BIRDS-2 (Philippines, Malaysia, and Bhutan)
16. A simple farewell dinner for Dr Huzaimy of Malaysia
17. BIRDS-2 camera quality tests
18. The list of BIRDS articles that appeared in the news media last year
19. Ghana coastline captured by camera of Kyutech HORYU-IV satellite
20. First Ground Station Operation Workshop @ Kyutech --- 22 Jan - 01 Feb (2018)
21. BIRDS-2 satellite passes over ground stations
22. Vibration testing of BIRDS-2 flight models
23. Photos of the assembly of BIRDS-2 flight models
24. Some BIRDS-3 activities during Jan-Feb 2018
25. Kenya gathers its strength for taking the plunge into space (Kenya is a candidate for involvement in BIRDS-4)
26. A visitor from the Royal University of Bhutan

Newsletter 26:
Issue No. 26 was released on 14 March, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [9.2MB]

Contents of issue No. 26
1. Article about “BRAC ONNESHA” (BIRDS-1 satellite) appears in QS WOWNEWS
2. News media of Nepal moves into gear for BIRDS-3
3. A good maxim: “The best way to learn something is to teach it.”
4. Some key slides from the January SEIC lecture by Prof. Jordi of Cal Poly
5. BIRDS-3 has a monthly pot luck dinner party – scenes of 24 Feb. 2018
6. An inspiring TED talk by Danielle Wood of MIT
7. BIRDS-2 press conference: Material presented by Joven, Project Manager
8. BIRDS-2 press conference: Lunch before the press conference
9. BIRDS-2 press conference: The main event
10. BIRDS-2 press conference: Tour of the clean room with the BIRDS-2 flight models
11. BIRDS-2 press conference: Article by Yomi-uri newspaper
12. ISEF underway in Japan
13. BIRDS-2 “Fit check“
14. Masui sensei discusses for 40 minutes the satellites of LaSEINE – including BIRDS
15. Ghana and Kyutech mentioned in “Via Satellite”
16. Individual reports of “First Ground Station Operation Workshop”
17. Would you like to study space engineering at Kyutech?
18. MAYA-1 (BIRDS-2 of the Philippines) mentioned by newspaper
19. BIRDS-1 student views the launch of Flight No.38 (H-IIA rocket)
20. Bangladesh BIRDS-1 team is recognized by ACI Group
21. BIRDS-2 Flight Model End-to-End Test
22. Farewell and appreciation party for Students Nakamura and Tokunaga
23. Special Training Sessions of BIRDS-3 – Capacity Building in action
24. "Dal Bhat" -- food of Nepal

Newsletter 27:
Issue No. 27 was released on 27 April, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [10.6MB]

Contents of issue No. 27
1. Kyutech receives prestigious “Space Development and Utilization Award (Minister of Foreign Affairs)”
2. Guest Box [seen at the right] continued
3. Blank
4. Superb 9-min. video by our SEIC-PNST student from Kenya
5. Lecture by G.Maeda in Kenya to promote space engineering
6. BIRDS Project requires the use of a solar simulator
7. You are encouraged to use the material found in this newsletter
8. How to download the 33-page Kyutech “Handbook for International Students“
9. The 2nd BIRDS International Workshop in Ghana: Media presence
10. BIRDS students attend JAMSAT meeting
11. Take note: Image sensors are getting better and better
12. Spring Orientation (2018, Kyutech): Prof Cho introduces SEIC to Japanese grad students
13. All back issues of the LaSEINE Annual Report are available on line
14. Bhutan students are interviewed for radio program in Bhutan
15. GEDC Airbus Diversity award is written up in Kyutech periodical
16. Dates of 3rd BIRDS International Workshop, in Mongolia
17. Prime Minister of Bhutan meets the President of JAXA on 11 April 2018
18. Project Manager of BIRDS-3 (Abhas) took an extended visit to Nepal for affairs of BIRDS-3
19. Media Watch: BIRDS-3 described on television in Nepal
20. Introduction to the S & F mission of BIRDS-3
21. BIRDS-2 students visit remote station in Bhutan
22. BIRDS-3: Structure and glue
23. BIRDS-3: OBC work
24. A short video showing how solar cells are glued to satellite surface
25. BIRDS-2 bowling competition

Newsletter 28:
Issue No. 28 was released on 18 May, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [11MB]

Contents of issue No. 28
1. Kyutech President recognizes the importance of diversity in March 2018 commencement address
2. News about the UN's SDG initiative
3. BIRDS-2 team socializes over pizza
4. Fifth UNISEC-Global Meeting Photo Report
5. UiTM web news: UiTM team meets the Dean
6. BIRDS is explained on Gunter's Space Page
7. Facebook of BIRDS-3 – have a look
8. UN small sat symposium in Brazil
9. National Space Museum being built in Nigeria
10. Kyutech visits Landmark Univ. in Nigeria
11. Reminder to acknowledge the support of JSPS
12. A rocket designed for CubeSats
13. Kyutech participates in TAS: Transform Africa Summit in Rwanda
14. Thai students of Kyutech create video to promote SEIC
15. Visit of Bhutan by members of Kyutech
16. Report about BIRDS-2 and Bhutan, delivered to Kyutech President
17. BIRDS-3: Data Collection Mission Updates from Sri Lanka
18. BIRDS-3: Activities during April - May 2018
19. BIRDS-3: Media watch in Nepal
20. BIRDS-3: Frequency coordination for the case of Japan
21. BIRDS-3: PDR (Preliminary Design Review)
22. BIRDS-3: Thermal Analysis
23. BIRDS-3: Summary of special training sessions, and new year celebration
24. BIRDS-3: Thermal cycles test

Newsletter 29:
Issue No. 29 was released on 21 June, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [10MB]

Contents of issue No. 29
1. Development of a ground sensor terminal in the Philippines
2. About the PHL-Microsat Team
3. JAXA writes up the handover of BIRDS-2 from Kyutech to JAXA
4. JAXA creates an adhesive decal for KiboCUBE ★ BIRDS
5. What is KiboCUBE?
6. Nigerian Union’s annual Momochi Beach Party was attended by some members of BIRDS
7. Establishing space activities in non-space faring nations – examples from BIRDS
8. The API for BIRDS-2 Project has been published by ITU on their BR-IFIC release
9. BIRDS and Africa -- a presentation at UN workshop in South Africa
10. BIRDS-2 flight models
11. This newsletter is in the public domain
12. Zimbabwe to launch a national space agency
13. JAXA selects service provider
14. Brief report of 15th ANNUAL CUBESAT DEVELOPERS WORKSHOP at Cal Poly
15. BIRDS-2 team delivers their satellites to JAXA in Tsukuba
16. Celebration of delivery of BIRDS-2 flight models to JAXA (see previous section)
17. The latest promotional material from UNISEC-Global
18. BIRDS-3: Activities during May - June 2018
19. BIRDS-3: OBC Progress
20. BIRDS-3: Communication Subsystem
21. BIRDS-3: Outreach activity in Nepal
22. BIRDS-3: Frequency coordination issues
23. BIRDS-3: ADCS - Attitude Determination and Control System
24. BIRDS-3: Battery screening
25. BIRDS-3: New structure

Newsletter 30:
Issue No. 30 was released on 21 July, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [13MB]

Contents of issue No. 30
1. Kyutech and UNISEC-Global attended COPUOS/UNISPACE+50 at the UN in Vienna
2. A letter from Dr Pauline Faure to the BIRDS Family; and “Back Stage”
3. BIRDS students followed the World Cup with intense interest
4. An update on space programs in Latin America
5. Get ready for “Tobata Gion Festival 2018”
6. University Laboratory for Small Satellites and Space Engineering Systems (ULyS3ES)
7. Japan’s Hayabusa-2 space probe arrives at its asteroid destination
8. UN Register of Objects Launched into Outer Space
9. Mongolia’s registration of its BIRDS-1 satellite (launched in 2017)
10. Launch of BIRDS-2 was viewed at Kyutech
11. BIRDS-2 launch: media reports from the Philippines
12. BIRDS-2 launch: media reports from Malaysia
13. BIRDS-2 launch: media reports from Bhutan
14. BIRDS-2 launch described by “spacetech – asia”
15. New Kyutech promotional video
16. A propulsion system for possible use in CubeSat constellations
17. BIRDS-2 launch excitement at the Philippines
18. Olayinka’s World – Column #1
19. BIRDS-3: Activities of June-July 2018
20. BIRDS-3: Preparing for the Critical Design Review (CDR)
21. BIRDS-3: Thermal Vacuum Testing
22. BIRDS-3: Anechoic Chamber Test
23. BIRDS-3: Ground component of data collection system
24. BIRDS-3: Additional thermal cycling
25. Some of the new SEIC students arriving in the fall
26. The Airbus GEDC Diversity Award
27. Guest article by Gladys Yaa Saah Oppong (Ghana)
28. BBQ, BIRDS-2 & BIRDS-3
29. 1KUNS-PF, Kenya’s first satellite
30. BIRDS described in Japanese aviation magazine (March 2018)
31. Symposium about the int'l aspects of space development – at the Univ. of Tokyo, 29 June
32. The 2018 UNISEC T-shirt design (probable design)
33. Mast goes up for the ground station at FUTA, Nigeria
34. "Space Enable Research Group" is launched by Dr Wood at MIT Media Lab
35. Special travel section on Japan

Newsletter 31:
Issue No. 31 was released on 28 August, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [26MB]

Contents of issue No. 31
1. Construction of the BIRDS-2 ground station in Bhutan
2. Receiving satellite signals can be easier than you realize
3. IAF Emerging Space Leaders (ESL) selected for Year 2018
4. Member of BIRDS-1 team secures one of the the Emerging Space Leaders awards
5. Definition and Requirements of Small Satellites Seeking Low-Cost and Fast-Delivery
6. Rough course of operations after the deployment of BIRDS-2
7. Infostellar is an important partner of the BIRDS Project
8. September cultural events in Kitakyushu, from Q magazine
9. The world of home-made CubeSats
10. Tobata Gion Yamagasa Festival defied the approach of Typhoon No. 12
11. Monthly BIRDS-3 Pot Luck Dinner, and birthday celebration for Pooja
12. JICA and NUST send-off Senior (recipient of ABE Initiative Scholarship)
13. Kyutech upgrades the English version of its official web site on the Internet
14. Two items from Bangladesh
15. BIRDS is mentioned in small satellite market report
16. New Kyutech promotional video is out
17. Olayinka's World – Column #2
18. Reminder to acknowledge the support of JSPS
19. Open campus – Tobata campus of Kyutech
20. Kyutech competes in “Student Formula Japan”
21. Review of the members of the BIRDS-3 team
22. On their way to JAXA for BIRDS-2 PV, Philippines delegation visited Kyutech
23. JAXA hosts PV (Public Viewing) of BIRDS-2 deployment at Tsukuba Space Center
24. Video about MAYA-1 – BIRDS-2 satellite of the Philippines
25. Video by the students of BIRDS-3 team
26. Public viewing of BIRDS-2 deployment at Tobata Campus of Kyutech
27. Photo of the BIRDS-3 Engineering Model (EM)
28. If you have a chance to view a H-IIA rocket launch at Tanegashima, take it
29. Japan Government provides info about Japan once per month via newsletter
31. The QSL cards of BIRDS-2
32. SPATIUM is a sister project of BIRDS
33. BIRDS-3: Monthly act-ivities, July-August, 2018
34. BIRDS-3: Attending fireworks wearing yukata
35. BIRDS-3: Support documentation for frequency application
36. BIRDS-3: Thermal vacuum testing photo report
37. BIRDS-3: OBC EM Testing
38. BIRDS-3: Solar Cell Integration Procedure Meeting (BIRDS I, II, III and Spatium)
39. BIRDS-3: Engineering model
40. BIRDS-3: Antenna testing in anechoic chamber
41. 3BIW: The 3rd BIRDS International Workshop (in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)

Newsletter 32:
Issue No. 32 was released on 21 September, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [8.01MB]

Contents of issue No. 32
1. 32nd ISTS (Int'l Symp. on Space Tech. and Science) and 9th NSAT (Nano-sat Symp.)
2. JAXA interviews Prof Cho about the features of Aoba-VELOX 4
3. Check out the Facebook photos and videos of CLTP 9 [organized by UNISEC-Global]
4. Sixth UNISEC-Global Meeting is on track
5. JAXA makes a 41-minute video about the deployment of BIRDS-2
6. BIRDS-2 news from NASA website
7. BIRDS/SPATIUM/AV4 students study and relax at summer camp
8. Kyutech's ABE Fellows, Hind and Senior, arrive in Japan for orientation sessions by JICA
9. JAXA and Tohoku Univ. organize 15th Space Environment Symposium
10. BIRDS PI attends ICeSSAT in Malaysia
11. Olayinka's World – Column #3
12. BIRDS-3: Activities on Aug-Sept 2018 (Abhas)
13. BIRDS-3: Critical Design Review (CDR)
14. BIRDS-3: Thermal Analysis
15. BIRDS-3: Trip to Nagasaki by team members
16. BIRDS-3: LaSEINE Summer Camp (see also Section 7)
17. BIRDS-3: Outgas Testing
18. BIRDS-3: Testing in the anechoic chamber
19. BIRDS students celebrate the wedding of Dr Masui

Newsletter 33:
Issue No. 33 was released on 18 October, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [9.4MB]

Contents of issue No. 33
1. Tutors (for incoming overseas students) received a training session
2. A visit to ICSWSE (Kyu Dai@Ito Campus) to consult on matters of BIRDS-3 magnetometer
3. Kyutech Open Campus is written up in “Kyutech Journal“
4. Kyutech Fall Commencement Ceremony for Graduate Students
5. BIRDS-2 mentioned in “CQ Ham Radio” magazine
6. Welcome new SEIC students (Kyutech entrance ceremony)
7. Welcome message from the Graduate School Office
8. Staying in touch with the global space industry: Attending IAC in Bremen, Germany
9. SEIC Orientation – general explanations to the incoming batch of new SEIC students
10. INVITATION TO ALL BIRDS GRADUATES: We welcome your news as articles
11. Antenna protection during violent storms
12. A report from UiTM in Malaysia
13. BIRDS-2 CW Decoding Competition
14. BIRDS-3: Monthly activities report
15. BIRDS-3: Magnetometer calibration at Sasaguri (Kyushu Univ. facility)
16. BIRDS-3: The news from Nepal
17. Abstract dead line for 32nd ISTS & 9th NSAT, all students should take note

Newsletter 34:
Issue No. 34 was released on 21 November, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [16MB]

Contents of issue No. 34
1. Applications for 2019 PNST are now being accepted at UNOOSA website
2. Adolfo of Paraguay arrives at Kyutech on 5 Nov. 2018
3. Staying in tune with the space industry of the Asia-Pacific region, APRSAF
4. The SEIC seminar conducted by the students on topics of their choice
5. A visit to Panama and Paraguay
6. NASRDA hosted the 7th edition of the African Leadership Conference (ALC) on Space Science
7. Secure World Foundation presented good material at ALC in Abuja, Nigeria
8. ISSN registration for this newsletter has been formally completed by the gov’t of Japan
9. A photo report by Dr. Kurita of BIRDS-4 of Paraguay
10. GLEC2019, Global Conference on Space for Emerging Countries
11. The UiTMSAT report on IAC in Bremen
12. A discussion of “Kente” – special contribution from Ghana
13. The public viewing in Bhutan of BIRDS-2 deployment as reported by a JAXA rep
14. Olayinka's World – Column #4
15. BIRDS-4 weekly meeting of Wednesday, 14 November 2018
16. Activities report by PHL-Microsat Communications Team (Philippines)
17. Report of internship at UNOOSA
18. BIRDS written up in eBook issued by Airbus (Diversity Award)
19. BIRDS-3: Monthly activity report
20. Blank
21. BIRDS-3: Dipole antenna vibration test and structure analysis
22. BIRDS-3: Despatch Chamber Test for BIRDS-3 Dipole Antenna
23. BIRDS-3: Outreach activities in Nepal
24. TIHAR FESTIVAL in Nepal: A Symbol of Health, Respect, Relationships, and Prosperity
25. BIRDS-4: Self intros by each member

Newsletter 35:
Issue No. 35 was released on 20 December, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [16MB]

Contents of issue No. 35
1. A word of thanks from the editor
2. Applications for 2019 PNST are now being accepted at UNOOSA website
3. The 6th UNISEC-Global Meeting at ISU in France
4. "Programa de invitación a los Nikkeis en América Latina para profundizar su entendimiento sobre Japón"
5. News media in Paraguay/Argentina covers BIRDS-4 Project
6. The 62nd Space Sciences and Technology Conference (UKAREN 62)
7. BIRDS participates in Kyutech Student Festival (58th 工大祭)
8. On 29 Nov., Prof. Fabio Santoni and his Phd student, Paolo Marzioli, visited Kyutech
9. 2018 Group Photo of LaSEINE – the laboratory where we work
10. The ISS can be seen by the unaided human eye
11. Olayinka's World – Column #5
12. A dinner party to celebrate the kick off of the BIRDS-4 Project
13. IAF travel grants for attending IAC
14. General Director Roman of the space agency of Paraguay (AEP) visited Kyutech
15. Dr Huzaimy has arrived at Kyutech to teach his space weather course for SEIC
16. BRYCE report cites Kyutech as the No. 1 academic operator of small satellites
17. AWS (Amazon Web Services) Ground Station Preview Announcement
18. Rwanda delegation is part of Japan Tour organized by JICA
19. “Lean Sat” has a new website URL
20. Cheki (Bhutan member of BIRDS-2) explains BIRDS to Paraguay
21. Dr Amalina (UiTM of Malaysia) visits Kyutech for BIRDS-2 discussions; and SAES 2018
22. 5th IAA Conference on University Satellite Missions
23. Accessing Space with the ISS Bartolomeo Platform
24. BIRDS-2: A report about ground station operations
25. BIRDS-2: Video of ground station operations
26. BIRDS-3: Monthly activities report by Abhas
27. BIRDS-4: Reports by each member of the team
28. Report from the Philippines
29. BIRDS-2 is mentioned in the DITT (Bhutan) annual report

Newsletter 36:
Issue No. 36 was released on 21 January, 2019. Download the pdf here.. [12MB]

Contents of issue No. 36
1. Dr Werner Balogh arrives at Kyutech to teach a course on space law and policy for engineers
2. Kyutech SEIC: where the students come from
3. Call for papers: RAST 2019 in Turkey
4. End-of-2018 message received from DOST of the Philippines
5. Mission board contest of PBL – winner will fly aboard BIRDS-4
6. Kyutech as No. 1 in the world: Top academic operator of small satellites
7. IAF Abstract Mentor Programme
8. New Year Greetings from Nepal
9. Olayinka's World – Column #6
10. Global satellite launches: the past and the future
11. Season’s Greetings from the JAXA Office in Bangkok
12. Season’s Greetings from AEP
13. Evolution of Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS)
14. An introduction to the beauty of Kyushu Island – why it is worth touring
15. Prof. Tsolmon (National Univ. of Mongolia) gave lecture on remote sensing
16. Second African Space Generation Workshop, 2018 . . . . . photos from Taiwo
17. Reminder about the 70th International Astronautical Congress 2019, IAC in the USA
18. JAXA video on recent CubeSat deployments from the ISS
19. The second ground station workshop of Kyutech; and update on the BIRDS ground station network
20. BIRDS-2: A report on APRS
21. Kyutech President mentions BIRDS-2 in annual new year message
22. Report from UiTM in Malaysia
23. BIRDS-4: Reports by each member of the team
24. Updates from the Philippines
25. Kyutech receives Dominic Lunde, intern student from Cal Poly
26. BIRDS-3: Monthly activities report
27. BIRDS-3: Headlines of NepaliSat-1 in Nepalese Medias
28. BIRDS-3: Satellite communication test using flight models
29. BIRDS-3: FM Inhibit Check
30. BIRDS-3: FM (flight model) antenna tuning
31. Aoba VELOX-IV launched successfully by JAXA

Newsletter 37:
Issue No. 37 was released on 28 February, 2019. Download the pdf here.. [14MB]

Contents of issue No. 37
1. Olayinka’s World – a regular column of this newsletter
2. More info about the Epsilon rocket [of JAXA]
3. Sri Lanka BIRDS-3 appeared on Facebook on 23 January 2019
4. Ground station status of FUTA
5. Activity report for the space law and policy course recently taught for SEIC
6. Congratulations to the new VC of NAST in Nepal
7. Telecon with Instituto Tecnológico de Hermosillo (ITH) of Sonora State, Mexico
8. Rodrigo and Prof Shibata visited ITH last year on 30 November 2018
9. Congratulations to Antara and Kafi of the BIRDS-1 Team
10. The first UiTM MIS (Mission Idea Symposium) at Kyutech
11. Industrial tours of Kitakyushu – all very interesting
12. Congratulations to JAXA Engineer Akagi ! ! !
13. Details of the 10th Cansat Leader Training Program have been released
14. Call signs awarded to BIRDS-3
15. Space news from the Philippines
16. Smallsat deployment: Kyutech pulls ahead of the pack ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
17. Message to all stakeholders of BIRDS
18. The new space law in Japan
19. February report from UPD
20. JAXA announces the delivery of BIRDS-3 satellites to Tsukuba
21. The sixth Mission Idea Contest (MIC6) of UNISEC-Global
22. UNOOSA announces “Space for Youth Competition“
23. Japan announces “S-Booster 2019” contest for the Asia and Oceania regions
24. BIRDS-5 news from Sonora, Mexico
25. Message from the VC of NAST (Nepal) after his visit to Kyutech for satellite handover
26. BIRDS-3: Monthly activities report
27. BIRDS-3: Handover press conference of 15 Feb 2019
28. BIRDS-3: Satellites were hand carried to JAXA in Tsukuba
29. BIRDS-4: The project selects its project manager
30. BIRDS-4: Monthly outing
31. BIRDS-4: Space policy news from Paraguay
32. BIRDS-4: Advanced printed circuit board design training
33. BIRDS-4: Birthday celebration for Hisatsugu-san
34. BIRDS-4: News on the ADCS subsystem
35. BIRDS-4: The intended solar cells
36. BIRDS-4: The official logo has been fixed
37. BIRDS-4: How to learn English or Japanese, or both

Newsletter 38:
Issue No. 38 was released on 26 March, 2019. Download the pdf here.. [17.3 MB]

Contents of issue No. 38
1.The vice chancellor of NAST (Nepal entity) attended the handover of BIRDS-3
2. BRAC University selects new vice chancellor
3. The APRSAF Newsletter and the APRSAF News Mail
4. Message from Paraguay – how it is boosting academic interest in space engineering
5. Olayinka's World – Column #8
6. Dominic (Cal Poly student) interacted with SEIC students during Jan-Feb of 2019
7. BIRDS-1 news: Mr. Jigme Tenzing is the new director of DITT in Bhutan
8. BIRDS-1 news: Bhutan students offer to Cho Lab staff a “Farewell Lunch”
9. COSPAR, small sat symposium
10. BIRDS-3 delivers an outstanding barbeque dinner
11. GS WS: The 2nd BIRDS Ground Station Operation Workshop 2019
12. GS WS: Participants visit Mojiko and Shimonoseki
13. GS WS: Reports by the workshop participants
14. Fellowship Programme for Drop Tower Experiment Series" (DropTES)
15. Important message to all former students of BIRDS Projects (mainly BIRDS-1 and BIRDS-2)
16. S-Booster Space Competition offers big cash prizes
17. Media coverage of BIRDS-3 by Sri Lanka
18. JAXA Engineers Akagi and Goto visited Kyutech on 12 March 2019
19. Dates of 4BIW, 4th BIRDS International Workshop, in Bangladesh
20. In what language should you educate your kids?
21. March report from UPD
22. M-JEED event in Mongolia, reported by BIRDS-1 member
23. High-level meeting between AEP and the President of Paraguay
24. BIRDS-4: First solar sail study in Turkey
25. BIRDS-4: Fishing in Japan
26. BIRDS-4: Remote sensing application for the study of insect dispersion
27. BIRDS-4: About Perovskite solar cells
28. BIRDS-4: Improvement of ground station antenna system
29. BIRDS-4: Birthday celebration for Mark
30. BIRDS-4: Undergrad Murase defends his bachelor degree thesis
31. BIRDS-4: Self-intro by Mendoza, Anibal, of Paraguay
32. BIRDS-4: Food and life in Fukuoka
33. BIRDS-4: PBL team joins BIRDS-4
34. BIRDS-4: Self-intro by Abbas, Yasir, of Sudan
35. BIRDS-4: Self-intro by El Megharbel, Hoda, of Egypt
36. BIRDS-4: Self-intro by Leong, Timothy, of France

Newsletter 39:
Issue No. 39 was released on 26 April, 2019. Download the pdf here.. [10 MB]

Contents of issue No. 39
1. Amelia Earhart Fellowship
2. 12th Pico- and Nano-Satellite Workshop on “Technologies for Small Satellite Research“
3. Kyutech will celebrate its 110th anniversary this May
4. Kyutech Graduation Day, March 25th 2019
5. Hanami in the Japanese way
6. Olayinka's World – Column #9
7. Cygnus supply ship – for the delivery of the BIRDS-3 satellites to the ISS
8. BIRDS-3 was launched
9. April report from UPD
10. BIRDS-3 team visits Izumo
11. LaSEINE written up in Kyutech document
12. BIRDS-4: Update on the BIRDS ground station of Kyutech
13. BIRDS-4: Update on the BIRDS ground station of Nepal
14. BIRDS-4: Update on the camera situation
15. BIRDS-4: My internship in Malaysia
16. BIRDS-4: Preliminary Design Review
17. BIRDS-4: Antenna deployment update
18. UNISAT-1 Project of Malaysia
19. International students of Kyutech (including BIRDS students) took field trip
20. NG-11 (containing BIRDS-3 satellites) berths with ISS
21. What is the difference between docking and berthing?
22. Orbital decay of BIRDS-1 – they are all coming down soon
23. A report about ABE training by Ms. Hind, a member of SEIC

Newsletter 40:
Issue No. 40 was released on 23 May, 2019. Download the pdf here.. [8.3 MB]

Contents of issue No. 40
1. BIRDS-3 member (Dulani) is highlighted in AIT Newsletter (May 2019 issue)
2. Enter the 6th Mission Idea Contest of UNISEC-Global
3. Tobata Gion Yamagasa festival (戸畑祇園山笠) is coming up
4. President of the Paraguay Space Agency (AEP) signs Letter of Intent
5. Japan celebrated Kids’ Day on 5th May
6. New book about Kyushu by Andrew Thomson
7. 2nd IAA Latin American Symposium on Small Satellites,11-15 November 2019, Buenos Aires, Argentina
8. Olayinka's World – Column #10
9. United Nations/Turkey/APSCO Conference on Space Law and Policy
10. BIRDS-4 Project Manager spends his Golden Week in his home country
11. Several BIRDS students ventured to Oita Prefecture during Golden Week
12. BRAC Univ. in Bangladesh will host the next BIRDS workshop
13. First Announcement of APRSAF-26 Released
14. Updates from the Philippines
15. JAMSAT Symposium 2019
16. BIRDS-3 API has been published !!!
17. BIRDS-4: A discussion of the main structure of the satellite
18. BIRDS-4: Timeline of the BIRDS-4 Project
19. BIRDS-4: IARU Frequency coordination request
20. BIRDS-4: Development of automatic coil maker
21. BIRDS-4: Near-field emission experiment on BIRDS-4 subsystem boards
22. BIRDS-4: Implementation of target mode for BIRDS-4 camera mission
23. BIRDS-4: Cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin visits Paraguay
24. BIRDS-3: Follow BIRDS-3 at its Facebook page
25. Success in academia: Never give up

Newsletter 41:
Issue No. 41 was released on 30 June, 2019. Download the pdf here.. [12.5 MB]

Contents of issue No. 41
1. Blank
2. Weekly BIRDS-4 Meeting in the BIRDS Room
3. Sony has developed LPWA device that can do 100 km distance
4. Visit to Kyutech by the Project Manager of RWASAT-1 (3U sat of Rwanda)
5. 7th UNISEC-Global Meeting and 6th Mission Idea Contest
6. Olayinka's World – Column #11
7. Kyutech is famous in the nano satellite community
8. Video of BIRDS-3 press conference of 15 Feb 2019
9. Hind (ABE Fellow, Sudan) attended 2019 annual meeting of Rocinantes in Kokura
10. Philippines Independence Day
11. We welcomed Prof. Dianne DeTurris (Cal Poly) who will teach rocket propulsion this summer for SEIC students
12. Location of the ground stations of the BIRDS GS Network
13. Updates from the Philippines
14. Big Sri Lankan event in Fukuoka
15. Public viewing of BIRDS-3 at JAXA’s Tsukuba Space Center on 17 June 2019
16. Public viewing of BIRDS-3 at Nepal on 17 June 2019
17. The name of each BIRDS-3 satellite
18. BIRDS-3 signals received at Nepal
19. BIRDS-3 featured in Nepali media
20. BIRDS-3 Deployment and Operations
21. BIRDS-3 news by Houston office of JAXA
22. Check out the work of NSLComm – it is a friend of Kyutech
23. SPACETIDE2019 occurs on 9 July 2019 in Tokyo
24. BIRDS-4: Solar cells arrive
25. BIRDS-4: Fixing the ground station’s antenna rotator
26. BIRDS-4: Celebration of Paraguay’s National Day
27. BIRDS-4: Selection of a microcontroller, an overview
28. BIRDS-4: Antenna tuning in the anechoic chamber
29. BIRDS-4: Kyutech and NEC joint workshop
30. BIRDS-4: Summary of Golden Week (GW) activities

Newsletter 42:
Issue No. 42 was released on 31 July, 2019. Download the pdf here.. [11.1 MB]

Contents of issue No. 42
1. Prof. Mengu Cho wins the prestigious Frank J. Malina Astronautics Medal for 2019
2. The Logistics of the International Space Station -- this is a video worth watching
3. Dr Taiwo Tejumola (BIRDS-1 Project Manager) was invited to serve as a competition judge
4. Olayinka's World – Column #12
5. Space: The next trillion dollar industry
6. G. Maeda visited Mauritius to deliver presentation & to discuss avenues of collaboration
7. Congratulations to Dr. Pauline Faure: The Lockheed Endowed Professorship 2019 award
8. Some members of BIRDS-3/4 visited local elementary school for outreach
9. BIRDS-4 member is interviewed by AeroTime News
10. Kyutech has two African students under JICA’s ABE Initiative
11. A good video on JICA, TICAD 7, and ABE
12. BIRDS-4: Lessons learned from first assembly
13. BIRDS-4: Timeline update for the BIRDS-4 project
14. BIRDS-4: Communication subsystem and related missions
15. BIRDS-4: Experiencing the ground station operations of BIRDS-3
16. BIRDS-4: Battery screening and matching procedure
17. BIRDS-4: Philippines’ National Day celebration
18. BIRDS-3: Public viewing of deployment at Nepal side
19. Prof. Dianne DeTurris of Cal Poly is teaching “Rocket Propulsion” for SEIC this summer
20. MIT Media Lab team teaches a summer mini-course
21. Update from Sri Lanka: Public viewing of RAAVANA-1 deployment, and GS status
22. Updates from the Philippines
23. BIRDS-1: The report about the deorbiting of BIRDS-1 satellites
24. BIRDS-3: On orbit status report
25. BIRDS-3: Nepal-Japan dialogue series IV – an outreach event
26. NanoRack releases LEO commercialization study

Newsletter 43:
Issue No. 43 was released on 26 August, 2019. Download the pdf here.. [11.1 MB]

Contents of issue No. 43
1. Continuation: Prof. Cho wins major IAF award: Frank J. Malina Astronautics Medal
2. Poster session during “Rocket Propulsion” course of Summer 2019
3. News from Paraguay: CABURE+I 4S
4. “Africa Space Forum” during TICAD 7
5. New Kyutech brochure for 2019-2020
6. BIRDS-1 member Turo defends his Phd thesis in public hearing on 31 July 2019
7. Summer of 2019: Kyutech Open Campus, 2nd and 3rd August
8. Kyutech undertook a visit to Makerere University in Uganda
9. Kokura fireworks of 2 Aug 2019
10. Olayinka's World – Column #13
11. NARSSCube-2's first beacon was received at Kyutech Ground Station on 8 August 2019
12. Kyutech participates in “Small Satellite Conference” in Utah State, USA
13. Cal Poly intern students give presentations during Cho Lab weekly seminar
14. Angel David Arcia Gil (Panama) visited Kyutech on 19 July
15. Kyutech visit written up in JAMSAT Newsletter No.294 (01 August 2019)
16. International Workshop on Lean Satellite – 2019, 4-5 December
17. BIRDS-3: First photos of satellites revealed by the new media in Nepal
18. BIRDS-3: Update on the ground stations of BIRDS
19. BIRDS-3: Mission images
20. BIRDS-3 and -4: Mentioned in “CQ ham radio” magazine of Japan
21. BIRDS-4: A technical meeting with JAXA
22. BIRDS-4: Thermal testing
23. BIRDS-4: Outreach at a local elementary school
24. BIRDS-4: Update on the electrical power system (EPS)
25. BIRDS-4: Birthday celebrations for Izrael, Hoda, and Adolfo
26. BIRDS-4: Anechoic chamber activities in July 2019
27. Report from UiTM (Malaysia)
28. Report from UPD (Philippines)

Newsletter 44:
Issue No. 44 was released on 19 September, 2019. Download the pdf here.. [16.9 MB]

Contents of issue No. 44
1. Applications are now being accepted for UNOOSA/Kyutech PNST
2. BIRDS-3 flight review
3. Two T shirts have been designed for BIRDS-4
4. Kyutech visited TUM, “Technical Univ. Mandalay” in Myanmar
5. 2019 Laboratory Summer Camp at Sasebo
6. The 7th UNISEC-GLOBAL meeting
7. Pre-TICAD report: Ghana minister (MESTI) visits Kyutech
8. Workshop on space radiation interaction, Greece
9. Myanmar holds its first space conference in at Tech. Univ. Mandalay (TUM)
10. A new 2-minute video from JAXA Washington DC
11. G. Maeda is invited to see a small bit of HEPTA-SAT training
12. TICAD report: The Africa Space Forum
13. TICAD report: Meeting with a delegation from Zimbabwe (29 Aug.)
14. TICAD report: Meeting with a delegation from Uganda (29 Aug.)
15. UN/Austria Symposium on Space
16. BIRDS-3: On-orbit temperature data analysis
17. Blank
18. BIRDS-4: Critical Design Review (CDR)
19. Finalists of the 6th Mission Idea Contest
20. Family of Adolfo (BIRDS-4) has arrived in Kyushu
21. Kyutech has created “SEIC YouTube Channel”
22. BIRDS-2: Preliminary images
23. Report from the Philippines (BIRDS-4 CDR is mentioned)
24. BIRDS-4: Frequency coordination news

Newsletter 45:
Issue No. 45 was released on 14 Octoberber, 2019. Download the pdf here.. [16.9 MB]

Contents of issue No.45
1. International Space University (ISU) in France is alive and well
2. Kyutech graduates of Fall 2019
3. Report from Paraguay
4. Short report by AEP (space agency of Paraguay) which attended the recent UN workshop at Graz
5. JAXA’s “Kibo” module celebrates its 10th anniversary
6. Olayinka's World – Column #14
7. CEO of Astroberry gives seminar at Kyutech
8. Fall 2019 SEIC Orientation
9. NanoRacks in UAE
10. “Highlighting Japan”, a magazine of the Gov’t of Japan
11. The 3rd Space Conference of Paraguay
12. Kyutech Space System Engineering is now up and running
13. LaSEINE, Fall 2019, Laboratory Kickoff Meeting
14. LaSEINE, Fall 2019, Laboratory Kickoff BBQ
15. BIRDS appears in German edition of AMSAT Journal
16. Kyutech’s involvement in recent TICAD is mentioned in its main web site
17. SDG topic: Satellites with social goals
18. ISWI Newsletter
19. A visit to the Embassy of Bangladesh (Tokyo)
20. Dr Moutaman is the new Sudan POC for UNISEC-Global; congratulations !
21. Annual LaSEINE laboratory group photo (9 Oct. 2019)
22. Report on the 3rd Paraguay Space Conference
23. JAXA announces “space robotics contest”
24. BIRDS-4: Military service experience in Turkey
25. BIRDS-4: Exploring northern Kyushu
26. BIRDS-4: Report for a trip to Takachiho
27. BIRDS-4: Reaction wheel test of the Engineering Model
28. BIRDS-4: In-rush current tests
29. BIRDS-4: A report on a trip to Korea
30. BIRDS-4: Functions of the Onboard Computer (OBC)
31. Report from the Philippines

Newsletter 46:
Issue No. 46 was released on 20 November, 2019. Download the pdf here.. [19.2 MB]

Contents of issue No.46
1. UN/IAF workshop right before 2019 IAC in Washington D.C.
2. SEIC and BIRDS students participated in 2019 IAC in Washington D.C.
3. Some preliminary earth images taken by BIRDS-3 satellites
4. Outstanding video about the space business
5. 3D passive microwave observations every point on Earth every 15 minutes
6. BIRDS-3 team took a trip to Itoshima (Fukuoka Prefecture)
7. Report from Sudan, by Dr Moutaman
8. Cal Poly students gave presentations during weekly seminar
9. Futaba satellite project of Kyutech; funds raised by crowdfunding
10. IAA African Symposium on Small Sats, 11-13 May 2020, South Africa
11. Olayinka's World – Column #15
12. The best presentation of 2018 UN/IAF workshop in Bremen, Germany
13. Report from Sudan, by Sondos Wasfi
14. Guest lecturer discusses the latest X-ray research
15. BIRDS-3: Apiwat and Abhas make a visit to Nepal
16. Report from the Philippines
17. N6RFM receives his call sign from BIRDS-3
18. 2nd IAA Latin American Symposium On Small Satellites
19. BIRDS-4: Space Activity Act
20. BIRDS-4: ITU document submission schedule (API)
21. BIRDS-4: Thermal vacuum tests with BIRDS-4 satellites
22. BIRDS-4: Celebration of Yuma’s birthday
23. BIRDS-4: Private space business opportunities
24. BIRDS-4: Logo designs of BIRDS-4 flight models
25. BIRDS-4: Testing of transceiver for store & forward ground terminal
26. Recent Kyutech publications for the public

Newsletter 47:
Issue No. 47 was released on 16 December, 2019. Download the pdf here.. [30.2 MB]

Contents of issue No.47
1. Report from Paraguay
2. BIRDS-3 member writes Annual Progress Report for NAST
3. Highlighting the food culture of Japan
4. IAF Awards for Prof. Cho and SEIC students mentioned at Kyutech web site
5. Country report during APRSAF: Nepal reports BIRDS-3 as its first satellite in space
6. You can put a message into the beacon signal of BIRDS-3 satellites
7. IAC student report: scenes of Washington DC
8. Event in Thailand: 2019 International Alliance Volunteers Conference
9. Report from Sudan
10. Space Launch Market Report Finds Smallsats Driving the Sector
11. Report from the Philippines
12. The BIRDS Project from the perspective of a Japanese student (presentation file)
13. BIRDS-4: Preparation of flight models
14. Presentation at 4BIW by UiTM of Malaysia (presentation file by Dr Huzaimy)
15. 7th UNISEC-Global Meeting in Tokyo, Japan
16. 4th BIRDS International Workshop in Bangladesh

Newsletter 48:
Issue No. 48 was released on 20 January, 2020. Download the pdf here.. [17.7 MB]

1. BIRDS-SEIC End-of-year party
2. London report
3. The Ambassador of Myanmar visited Kyutech on 19 December 2019
4. The 34th Annual Small Satellite Conference
5. Olayinka's World – Column #16
6. Column #1 from Malaysia
7. Some of the received greeting cards at the end of 2019
8. December 2019 issue of “Highlighting Japan”
9. Kyutech’s 2019 Field Trip for the international students
10. Sir Fazle Hasan Abed – gone but not forgotten
11. Tenth Nano-Satellite Symposium, Istanbul
12. December birthdays are celebrated at LaSEINE
13. UNIGLO-7 Photo Report
14. Journal of Small Satellites
15. The new space race
16. Congrats to BIRDS-4 member Adolfo !!!
17. Report about a conference at CRASTE-LF by Timothy (Zimbabwe)
18. Report from Paraguay
19. BIRDS-4: JAXA safety review
20. BIRDS-4: Emerging Space Leaders – the experience
21. BIRDS-4: Coil preparation of Flight Models
22. BIRDS-4: Solar panel functionality based on sun simulator tests
23. BIRDS-4: End-of-year party by BIRDS-4 team and by SEIC
24. BIRDS-4: LaSEINE, end-of-year party
25. BIRDS-4: CubeSat fit check
26. BIRDS-4: 2019: A year in review
27. BIRDS-4: The challenges of store-and-forward
28. BIRDS-4: Annual bowling event
29. IAA African Symposium on Small Sats, 11-14 May 2020, South Africa
30. BIRDS-3: Image gallery … more pics from space
31. Report from the Philippines

Newsletter 49:
Issue No. 49 was released on 20 February, 2020. Download the pdf here.. [17.7 MB]

1. Eighth UNISEC-Global Meeting in Istanbul (mark your calendar)
2. Astronaut Doi visited Kyutech on 24 January 2020
3. 59th Student Festival at Kyutech
4. Kiran (BIRDS-2; Bhutan) has a paper published in JoSS journal
5. BIRDS-3 Project is on Facebook – check it out
7. HEPTA-Sat training went to Australia
8. How the communication system was changed from BIRDS-2 to BIRDS-3
9. Farewell to Paolo, our Phd student from Italy
10. Femi reports on his trip to Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program (SH-SSP)
11. Kyutech is still the world’s No.1 academic operator of small satellites
12. ISU seeks more students from Japan – message by UNISEC
13. Beautiful Sri Lanka -- a member of BIRDS-3
14. 3rd National School on Space and Earth Electromagnetism in Malaysia
15. New incoming SEIC students of Rwanda
16. Report about UiTM undergrads who visited Kyutech under Mobility Program
17. Column #2 from Malaysia
18. 5th IAA CubeSat Conference 2020, Rome
19. Bhutan Space Week, 17-23 Feb 2020
20. Reports for 3GSWS, 3rd Ground Station Workshop, at Kyutech
21. Happy Birthday, UNISEC !!!
22. Kyutech Mr Wakabayashi visits Prof Huzaimy and UiTM (Feb. 2020)
23. Report from Paraguay
24. Farewell report by Paolo
25. CANSAT Training in Nepal
26. Media Coverage from Sri Lanka about BIRDS-3
27. Report from the Philippines
28. Report from Nepal
29. “Exploring Space” by HIGHLIGHTING JAPAN (the government of Japan)
30. Small rockets are the next space revolution | Peter Beck
31. BIRDS-4: Team jackets
32. Blank
33. BIRDS-4: Thermal vacuum tests
34. BIRDS-4: Assembly of the flight models
35. BIRDS-4: Inhibit test results of Maya-2 satellite
36. BIRDS-4: Contribution to the 3GSWS by team members

Newsletter 50:
Issue No. 50 was released on 24 March, 2020. Download the pdf here.. [13.3 MB]

1. This is the 50th issue of the “BIRDS Project Newsletter”
2. 50th anniversary of Japan's first satellite
3. Incoming students of Zimbabwe
4. Japan's contributions to the United Nations Programme on Space Applications
5. A visit by Axelspace to Kyutech
6. Incoming students of Uganda
7. Mark’s stovetop barbeque ribs
8. Report from Nepal (BIRDS-3)
9. A great capacity building success story of the BIRDS Project
10. The new intern at UNISEC-Global
11. President of AEP (the space agency of Paraguay) interviewed on Paraguay TV
12. 2020 Bhutan Space Week Report
13. Column #3 from Malaysia
14. BIRDS-4: Ground station software
15. BIRDS-4: Egypt’s space activities
16. BIRDS-4: Party for graduating team members
17. BIRDS-4: Battery protection issues
18. BIRDS-4: How to measure antenna radiation patterns easily
19. BIRDS-4: Team goes to a Turkish restaurant
20. Report from Paraguay
21. BIRDS-3: Images from space
22. BIRDS-3: Farewell to two Japanese members: Sasaki-san and Kakimoto-san
23. 3GSWS: The 3rd Ground Station Workshop
24. Report from the Philippines
25. NASA is working with university teams to develop tiny tech for space trips

Newsletter 51:
Issue No. 51 was released on 24 April, 2020. Download the pdf here.. [16.9 MB]

1. UNISEC-Global receives major space award from Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2. The merits of being bi-lingual
3. Cultural message from the Gov’t of Japan
4. Graduation event of 25 March 2020
5. Congratulations to Marco and Adriana for getting married
6. Kyutech celebrates its 111th anniversary
7. Sending status of BIRDS-3 QSL cards
8. Information about ground stations
9. Arrival of three Zimbabwe engineers to join the BIRDS-5 Project
10. All the back issues of the APRSAF Newsletter
11. A modest cooking idea from Sri Lanka
12. Lacuna Space — Transmission of a LoRaWAN Message over Satellite
13. Report from Nepal: Reaction-wheel-based CubeSat ADCS
14. BIRDS-4: Life in Kyutech dormitories
15. BIRDS-4: Anechoic chamber test of Paraguay’s satellite
16. BIRDS-4: Results of FM long duration test
17. BIRDS-4: BIRDS publication archive
18. BIRDS-4: A visit to the heart of Japan: Kansai region
19. BIRDS-4: Report from AEP (Paraguay)
20. BIRDS-3: Recent images from the satellites
21. BIRDS-3: COVID-19 situation in Sri Lanka
22. BIRDS-5: ZINGSA engineers travel from Zimbabwe to Japan, taking 5 days
23. Report from the Philippines
24. Column #4 from Malaysia
25. BIRDS-3: Okinawa Trip Photo Report
26. Report from Paraguay
27. BIRDS-related publications during Fiscal Year 2019
28. Important article about the Ground Station Terminal (GST) for the interest of all BIRDS members
29. Timeline of Bhutan’s Response Strategy to combat COVID-19

Newsletter 52:
Issue No. 52 was released on 21 May, 2020. Download the pdf here.. [13.85 MB]

1. Kyutech is still Number One (academic operator of small satellites)
2. LaSEINE Laboratory Kick Off for the new 2020 academic year
3. Small satellite industry seeks stimulus as pandemic hits commercial investment
4. OneWeb files for bankruptcy
5. Space firms innovate solutions for the coronavirus pandemic
6. Kyutech introduces new course on advanced space robotics
7. How to study in Japan on a MEXT Japan government scholarship
8. Scholarships are also offered by JICA for study in Japan
9. Congratulations to Guatemala for its first satellite in space!
10. ISU offers this summer an online course; applications due before 31 May
11. New addition to SEIC YouTube Channel: Easy to make sweet-chilli shrimp
12. New addition to SEIC YouYube Channel: Home-made French Toast
13. JAXA video: Japanese space food
14. Report from Mongolia
15. Report from Nepal
16. Report from Honduras
17. Report from Uganda
18. Olayinka's World – Column #16 (report from Nigeria)
19. Space4Youth Competition 2020
20. BIRDS-4: Ground station software decoder
21. BIRDS-4: How to live in quarantine here at Kyutech
22. BIRDS-4: Effectiveness of video-conferencing during the pandemic
23. BIRDS-4: My travel back to Nepal (Hari)
24. BIRDS-4: Remote classes
25. BIRDS-4: NASA space apps, COVID-19 challenge
26. Report from Paraguay
27. Report from Zimbabwe
28. Column #5 from Malaysia
29. Report from the Philippines
30. GST (Gnd Station Report) report from Malaysia
31. Introducing Dr. J. A. Ofosu – new member of the staff of LaSEINE
32. BIRDS-3: ADCS (Attitude Determination and Control System) mission
33. BIRDS-3: Satellite operation report from Taiwan
34. BIRDS-3: Outreach during quarantine
35. BIRDS-3: Home cooking in Sri Lanka
36. Momentus to launch IRIS-A satellite of Taiwan
37. Futaba student CubeSat project concludes fund-raising phase

Newsletter 53:
Issue No. 53 was released on 22 June, 2020. Download the pdf here.. [13.8 MB]

1. "LaSEINE Annual Progress Report 2019” is available for your perusal
2. NASA’s probe to Titan, a moon of Saturn, will blast off around 2026
3. Self introduction by Fatima – new PNST student from El Salvador
4. Virgin Orbit’s maiden launch failed … but it is still in the game
5. Self introduction by Minh – new PNST student from Vietnam
6. Tellus: Satellite data platform in Japan
7. Self introduction by Bramandika – new PNST student from Indonesia
8. Learning Japanese outside of Japan
9. Self introduction by Ariel – new JICA SDG student
10. Introducing “BIRDS Nest”: The BIRDS Project smartphone application
11. The Kyutech Futaba Satellite Project
12. Report from Nepal
13. MEXT survey on nanosatellite capacity building around the world
14. How to use the Orbiton software package
15. Report from Colombia
16. Advice on how to study Nihongo – by Dr. J. Ofosu (new member of LaSEINE)
17. BIRDS-4: English exams in Japan
18. BIRDS-4: Anechoic chamber: what is it?
19. BIRDS-4: Work at Kyutech during the state of emergency (pandemic)
20. BIRDS-4: Writing about space science and technology at a Turkish website
21. BIRDS-4: “Image classification unit” team takes home an IEEE prize
22. BIRDS-4: Commemoration of Paraguay independence
23. BIRDS-4: Coronavirus in Paraguay
24. Column #6 from Malaysia
25. BIRDS-3: Reset data collection
26. Report from Sri Lanka
27. Report from the Philippines
28. BIRDS-5: Establishing its missions
29. BIRDS-3: "CW-SMS"ing service - a novel public service initiative
30. BIRDS - Platform of CubeSat Program

Newsletter 54:
Issue No. 54 was released on 22 July, 2020. Download the pdf here.. [15.8 MB]

1. Akagi-san (JAXA) receives “2020 IAF Young Space Leaders” recognition
2. BIRDS-4: Status meeting
3. A new document: Introduction to BIRDS
4. A new document: Introduction to SEIC
6. Report from Mongolia
7. LaSEINE Weekly Research Seminar of 8 July 2020
8. Report from Sri Lanka (space weather observatory)
9. BIRDS-3: Update on CW-SMS service
10. BIRDS-5: Updates on the project
11. BIRDS-5: Progress on designing the project logo
12. Report from Cal Poly (Bobby)
13. Report from Honduras (Reynel)
14. Report from Sri Lanka (Dulani)
15. BIRDS-5: Introduction of each student
16. Report from Indonesia (Rahmi)
17. ROCINANTES and how it connects with Kyutech
18. Report from Bangladesh (Kafi and Antara)
19. Report from El Salvador (Fatima)
20. Q2 2020 briefing from Bryce
21. Report from Paraguay
22. Adolfo (TEC) defended his Phd thesis
23. UNISEC Virtual CLTP Alumni Meeting: Report by Abhas, Nepal
24. UNISEC Virtual CLTP Alumni Meeting: Report by Ramson, Zimbabwe
25. Olayinka's World – Column #19
26. Column #7 from Malaysia
27. Report from the Philippines
28. Report from Morocco (Fahd)
29. BIRDS-5: Project kick-off meeting
30. BIRDS-4: GRSS cloud classification software
31. BIRDS-4: Planting in space
32. BIRDS-4: Moon village associations
33. BIRDS-4: Testing solar panels
34. BIRDS-4: Applying for a Japanese amateur radio license
35. BIRDS-4: Vibration testing of flight models

Newsletter 55:
Issue No. 55 was released on 20 August, 2020. Download the pdf here.. [17.23 MB]

1. Garvey McIntosh (NASA’s rep to Asia) gave a guest lecture for SEIC students
2. MIT Tech Review: Why Japan is emerging as NASA’s most important space partner
3. Issue No. 145 of “Highlighting Japan” by Govt of Japan
4. Hayabusa-1: Its amazing story as told by JAXA in a 22-min. documentary
5. Hayabusa-2: Due back at Earth in December of this year
6. KITSUNE PROJECT: Critical Design Review of 28 July 2020
7. State of the Satellite Industry—Global Data from 2019
8. BIRDS-2: Multi-Nation CubeSat Constellation Project for Learning and Capacity Building
9. BIRDS-2: Development and Investigation of Communication Issues on a CubeSat-onboard Amateur Radio Payload with APRS Digipeater and Store-and-Forward Capabilities
10. Report from Costa Rica
11. BIRDS-3: Videos from Sri Lanka
12. BIRDS-3: Media material from Nepal
13. Philippine Space Agency
14. Phd defense by Adrian C. Salces
15. SEIC Guest Lecture by Dr. Amal Chandran
16. BIRDS Ground Station Network continues to grow
17. Report from Indonesia (#1)
18. 4th IAA Latin American CubeSat Workshop
19. Reaction wheels
20. Report from Paraguay
21. Report from Korea
22. Report from Nepal
23. Report from Indonesia (#2)
24. The Joy of Cooking as shown by Keenan of BIRDS-5
25. BIRDS-3: Ground station uplink competition
26. Dr. Pom becomes head of INSTED in Thailand
27. Report from Vietnam
28. Report from Femi: Small satellites and optical communications
29. BIRDS-2: Health status on 14 August 2020 (735 days)
30. Report from Paraguay
31. BIRDS-3: Life update by Kakimoto san
32. BIRDS-3: Life update by Sasaki san
33. BIRDS-3: Recent images from the satellites
34. BIRDS-3: some details of its GPS
35. BIRDS-3: Traditional food of Sri Lanka
36. Column #8 from Malaysia
37. Report from the Philippines
38. BIRDS-4: COVID-19 safety precautions in Fukuoka
39. BIRDS-4: End-to-end connectivity test
40. BIRDS-4: Project updates by the project manager
41. BIRDS-4: Safety review documentation for Phase 3
42. BIRDS-4: Social distancing around Kitakyushu
43. BIRDS-4: Lapacho bloom in Paraguay
44. BIRDS-4: Friendship day in Paraguay
45. Report from Mongolia

Newsletter 56:
Issue No. 56 was released on 23 September, 2020. Download the pdf here.. [23.03 MB]

1. First impressions of “BIRDS-style education”, by new staff member of LaSEINE
2. Japan Gov’t Scholarships: summary of SDGs Global Leader
3. Japan Gov’t Scholarships: summary of ABE Initiative
4. English-Japanese dictionaries: The first ones
5. Implementation Plan of the Basic Plan on Space Policy
6. SEIC: Special guest lecture by Dr. Adolfo Chaves Jiménez of Costa Rica
7. BIRDS-4: Each member introduces his or her work for the project
8. SGAC: Using candle wax as a rocket propellant for small satellites
9. SGAC: How to Design a Space Program: A video for stakeholders
10. SGAC: Presentations by Prof. Marciano and Nicholas Borroz (Rotoiti)
11. SGAC: Dan Hart, CEO of Virgin Orbit, discusses space technology and where it is headed
12. Sony to Develop Tech Demo Satellite with Univ. of Tokyo, JAXA
13. BIRDSNEST application can now be downloaded !!!
14. Japan’s mottainai culture explained
15. IAC 2020 (originally set for Dubai) will be conducted online instead
16. First Virtual UNISEC-Global Meeting occurred on 12 Sept. 2020
17. Argentina’s SAOCOM 1B was successfully launched on 30 August 2020
18. Press release for the BIRDS-4 Handover Ceremony of 24 Sept 2020
19. SEIC: Special guest lecture by Prof. Joel Marciano of the Philippines
20. SEIC: Special guest lecture by Dr. Jordan Vannitsen of Odysseus Space
21. Report from Paraguay
22. A review of media coverage of BIRDS-3 in Nepal
23. Bhutan Space Forum
24. Column #9 from Malaysia
25. Report from the Philippines
26. BIRDS-5: Articles for Sept. 2020
27. October Sky – a 1999 film
28. BIRDS-2: When do they come down (de-orbit) ?
29. BIRDS-4: Monthly articles
30. Some old photos of SEIC

Newsletter 56:
Issue No. 56 was released on 23 September, 2020. Download the pdf here.. [23.03 MB]

1. First impressions of “BIRDS-style education”, by new staff member of LaSEINE
2. Japan Gov’t Scholarships: summary of SDGs Global Leader
3. Japan Gov’t Scholarships: summary of ABE Initiative
4. English-Japanese dictionaries: The first ones
5. Implementation Plan of the Basic Plan on Space Policy
6. SEIC: Special guest lecture by Dr. Adolfo Chaves Jiménez of Costa Rica
7. BIRDS-4: Each member introduces his or her work for the project
8. SGAC: Using candle wax as a rocket propellant for small satellites
9. SGAC: How to Design a Space Program: A video for stakeholders
10. SGAC: Presentations by Prof. Marciano and Nicholas Borroz (Rotoiti)
11. SGAC: Dan Hart, CEO of Virgin Orbit, discusses space technology and where it is headed
12. Sony to Develop Tech Demo Satellite with Univ. of Tokyo, JAXA
13. BIRDSNEST application can now be downloaded !!!
14. Japan’s mottainai culture explained
15. IAC 2020 (originally set for Dubai) will be conducted online instead
16. First Virtual UNISEC-Global Meeting occurred on 12 Sept. 2020
17. Argentina’s SAOCOM 1B was successfully launched on 30 August 2020
18. Press release for the BIRDS-4 Handover Ceremony of 24 Sept 2020
19. SEIC: Special guest lecture by Prof. Joel Marciano of the Philippines
20. SEIC: Special guest lecture by Dr. Jordan Vannitsen of Odysseus Space
21. Report from Paraguay
22. A review of media coverage of BIRDS-3 in Nepal
23. Bhutan Space Forum
24. Column #9 from Malaysia
25. Report from the Philippines
26. BIRDS-5: Articles for Sept. 2020
27. October Sky – a 1999 film
28. BIRDS-2: When do they come down (de-orbit) ?
29. BIRDS-4: Monthly articles
30. Some old photos of SEIC

Newsletter 57:
Issue No. 57 was released on 26 October, 2020. Download the pdf here.. [18.9 MB]

1. SEIC: Special guest lecture by Dr. Werner Balogh of WMO
2. Uchū Daikaijū Dogora (宇宙大怪獣ドゴラ, lit. "Giant Space Monster Dogora")
3. Handover Ceremony of BIRDS-4 Project
4. Check out monthly virtual meetings of UNISEC-Global
5. BIRDS-5 MDR occurred on 29 September, 16:20-20:30
6. Highlighting Japan: Sept 2020 Issue, by the Government of Japan
7. BIRDS-4: The monthly newsletter by the team
8. President of JAXA provided a message for Paraguay’s 4th Space Conference
9. Second virtual meeting of UNISEC-Global occurred on 10 October 2020
10. Olayinka's World – Column #20
11. News from Bangladesh
12. News from Paraguay: How BIRDS-4 collects insect data from the field to combat Chagas disease
13. News from Mongolia
14. BIRDS-3: Global Positioning System
15. Report from the Philippines
16. Kyutech celebrates World Space Week with a global Webinar
17. GST Column No. 1
18. News from Paraguay: Various media reports about BIRDS-4
19. BIRDS-5: Kyutech’s exhibition in the city center
20. BIRDS-5: A radio interview of Fahd
21. BIRDS-5: The PINO mission
22. BIRDS-5: Project management
23. BIRDS-5: Ugandan students finally arrive in Japan
24. Startups in Africa, by Nikkei and JICA
25. Int’l Workshop on Lean Satellite – 2020
26. BIRDS-4: Anibal and Adolfo return to Kyutech
27. Status of KiboCUBE of UN/JAXA collaboration as of October 2020

Newsletter 58:
Issue No. 58 was released on 23 November, 2020. Download the pdf here.. [15.9 MB]

1. International Workshop on Lean Satellite – 2020
2. Outreach to promote the benefits of starting a space industry in emerging countries
3. Olayinka's World – Column #21
4. Water measuring instrument for remote locations (store and forward application)
5. October issue of “Highlighting Japan” – from the government of Japan
6. Japan’s Ambassador to Paraguay
7. BIRDS-5: Uganda Team travels from Uganda to Japan (the big journey)
8. BIRDS-5: Uganda team transfers from Fukuoka Airport to Kyutech on 26 Oct 2020
9. Kyutech has Japan’s only undergrad program for space engineering
10. UN/Japan collaboration: "KiboCUBE“ --- the first five rounds
11. Issued by JAXA: Certificate of acceptance for Paraguay’s first satellite
12. The IAF launches the world’s largest digital library on space
13. Visiting Japan for the first time? I highly recommend this 10-min. video
14. Press release by Satellogic regarding recent successes
15. Low-cost transceiver for CubeSat communications – designed by Tharindu
16. BIRDS-4: Delivery of satellites to JAXA by BIRDS-4 students
17. GST Column No. 2
18. Report from Paraguay
19. Local newspaper in Japan writes up the BIRDS Program of Kyutech
20. BIRDS-2 health status: Nov. 13th, 2020 (826 days)
21. Column #11 from Malaysia
22. The Center for Nanosatellite Testing (CeNT) at the Kyushu Institute of Technology
23. UNISEC-Global is conducting a virtual meeting each month -- you can join them
24. Report from the Philippines
25. Outstanding SEIC Guest Lecture by Mr Kevin Conole of NASA HQ
26. BIRDS-5: Scientific background of the PINO payload
27. BIRDS-5: Update on BIRDS NEST
28. BIRDS-5: Ground station plan for Uganda
29. BIRDS-5: DLP mission
30. BIRDS-5: First impressions of Kyutech by the Ugandan Team

Newsletter 59:
Issue No. 59 was released on 21 December, 2020. Download the pdf here.. [18.9 MB]

1. Astronaut Dr. Wakata scheduled to return to the ISS
2. Applications are now being accepted for UNOOSA/Kyutech PNST
3. A reminder about ULyS3ES of UPD and DOST
4. Rocket Lab puts up 30 small sats successfully
5. Olayinka's World – Column #22
6. 60th Kyutech Student Festival
7. Rocket news from Turkey
8. Highlighting Japan (Nov 2020 issue): The Japanese and Rice
9. To all stakeholders: New satellites need to be registered with UNOOSA
10. You can view all of 2020 APRSAF through a web link
11. Dr Loren Chang (NCU in Taiwan) was our speaker for SEIC Guest Lecture (30 Nov.)
12. Send offs for Mr. Ariel Manabe – Kyutech’s first JICA SDG scholarship recipient
13. More about the Japan-based Yguazu colony in Paraguay – continued from Page 2
14. "Japan’s Space Startup Market Blooms“
15. The auto translation feature of YouTube has become amazingly good -- you should try it
16. SEIC soccer night of 21 Nov 2020
17. BIRDS-4: Check out this NASA website
18. BIRDS-3: Report from Nepal
19. SEIC Guest Lecture: Presentation by Dr. Guevarra, Undersecretary of DOST
20. BIRDS-4 Monthly Newsletter
21. Column #12 from Malaysia
22. BIRDS-5: Thermal vacuum tests on Ni-MH batteries
23. BIRDS-5: Report from the space agency of Zimbabwe
24. BIRDS-5: BIRDSNEST (an app for smartphones)
25. BIRDS-5: Official names of the BIRDS-5 satellites
26. BIRDS-5: Space weather
27. BIRDS-5: Supply chain considerations
28. BIRDS-5: My experience of teaching practice (to acquire teaching license)
29. BIRDS-5: Japanese astronaut Noguchi
30. BIRDS-5: Self intro by Iwase
31. BIRDS-5: Self intro by Fukudome
32. Report from the Philippines
33. Arrival of Ariel Manabe of Paraguay on 17 Dec 2020
34. GST Column No. 3
35. BIRDS-2: Updates from Azami
36. BIRDS-2S team taking a tour of our campus

Newsletter 60:
Issue No. 60 was released on 25 January, 2021. Download the pdf here.. [15.9 MB]

1. A Message from IAF President
2. Perovskite solar cells in Japanese-language press
3. Revitalizing the regions of Japan: Museums as hubs
4. SpaceX SN8, and the meaning of failure according to Elon Musk
5. Archaeology from space
6. Botswana Launches National Space Program
7. Special report about thermal imagery from Univ of Cambridge (UK)
8. Official visit by the Foreign Minister of Japan to Paraguay
9. Snow descends on the Tobata Campus of Kyutech
10. NASA discusses BIRDS-4
11. Fukuoka Prefecture takes an interest in the space industry
12. How to test battery cells and other topics
13. Key space sector economic figures of 2020
14. IAF Young Professional Newsletter (Dec 2020 issue)
15. SEIC teaches a lot of space law + policy to students
16. Column #13 from Malaysia
17. Virtual 5BIW (5th BIRDS International Workshop)
18. GST Column No. 4 GST antenna design
19. Report from Nepal
20. The BIRDS-2S team of the Philippines come to Kyutech for environmental testing of their satellites, Maya-3 and Maya-4
21. JICA and Startups in Africa
22. Report from the Philippines
23. BIRDS-5: 3D printing
24. BIRDS-5: Learning Nihongo with a part time job in Japan
25. BIRDS-5: JR Kyushu rail pass, and the Fukuoka Science Museum
26. BIRDS-5: Preliminary Design Review (PDR)
27. BIRDS-5: Update on the DLP (Double Langmuir Probe)
28. BIRDS-5: APRS in BIRDS Satellites
29. BIRDS-5: The geomagnetic field
30. BIRDS-5: A discussion of software for ground stations
31. BIRDS-5: A discussion of Raspberry Pi

Newsletter 61:
Issue No. 61 was released on 24 February, 2021. Download the pdf here.. [9.12 MB]

1. BIRDS-4: Paraguay did a press conference about their first satellite
2. BIRDS-4: Media reports from the Philippines and Paraguay
3. BIRDS-4: Satellites were successfully launched by NASA on 20 Feb 2021 (local time)
4. You are invited to enter the MIC7 – Mission Idea Contest No. 7
5. Monthly highlights of Japan from the Government of Japan
6. Report from the Philippines
7. Column #14 from Malaysia
8. KMUTNB is a member of the BIRDS Network
9. Cherry blossom forecasts are out
10. New SEIC students settle down at Kyutech
11. MPCP of Thailand – a new satellite project; you can buy a slot on it
12. BIRDS web portal analytics
13. GST Column No. 5
14. The growth of satellites in orbit since 1957
15. BIRDS-5: How to measure the energy of high-energy electrons
16. BIRDS-5: Team jackets
17. BIRDS-5: Frequency coordination
18. BIRDS-5: Antenna design and deployment
19. BIRDS-5: Vibration test on Ni-MH batteries
20. BIRDS-5: Printed circuit board (PCB, or “P-ban”) procurement
21. BIRDS-5: Survey for Africa Space Development Model
22. The 2021 IAC in Dubai: deadline for abstracts

Newsletter 62:
Issue No. 62 was released on 22 March, 2021. Download the pdf here.. [15.7 MB]

1. BIRDS-4: JAXA makes announcement about deployment
2. BIRDS-4: How Kyutech met AEP (the space agency of Paraguay)
3. BIRDS-4: NASA website explains BIRDS-4 to the general public, after deployment
4. BIRDS-4: Receive our QSL card by sending in signal reports to us
5. BIRDS-4: NHK New Web mentions the deployment
6. BIRDS-4: Press release by UPD (Univ. of Philippines - Diliman)
7. BIRDS-4: View the entire JAXA broadcast of the event
8. BIRDS-4: Public viewing of deployment at Kyutech while observing pandemic protocols
9. BIRDS-4: Media publications (Philippines)
10. BIRDS-4: Media publications (Paraguay)
11. BIRDS-4: Barbecue party!
12. BIRDS-4: Combined Space Operations Center (CSpOC); TLE
13. BIRDS-4: Space Tech Lightning Talk, Volume 1
14. BIRDS-4: QSL cards
15. Column #14 from Malaysia
16. Report from the Philippines
17. New column to be written in Spanish (Edition No.1)
18. GST Column No. 6
19. Quick notes about Sir Arthur C Clarke (name of ACCIMT comes from him)
20. SEIC Guest Lecture Series of 2020-2021
21. Report from Paraguay
22. Report from Uganda – Member of BIRDS-5
23. Costa Rica to create space agency
24. Samara Summer Space School
25. The amazing SDR that you can get for under $40
26. Highlighting Japan: Smart Mobility
27. Cambodia pushes forward with first satellite
28. Space tour by ANA
29. BIRDS-3 approach to project management
30. BIRDS-5: In-situ measurements of space plasma particles
31. BIRDS-5: New design of DLP (Double Langmuir Probe) structure
32. BIRDS-5: Testing of the multispectral camera
33. BIRDS-5: Hysteresis dampers
34. BIRDS-5: Short range communication tests
35. BIRDS-5: Anechoic chamber test training
36. BIRDS-5: Image classification mission
37. BIRDS-5: Amateur radio exam at Beppu
38. BIRDS-5: Team member wins at a Japanese speech contest

Newsletter 63:
Issue No. 63 was released on 25 April, 2021. Download the pdf here.. [13.3 MB]

1. BIRDS-4 Monthly Report
2. Mexico’s ambassador to Japan visits Kyutech
3. Cho Lab graduation event of 25 March 2021
4. MEXT-funded report about Japanese university-led capacity building
5. Highlighting Japan – April 2021 issue
6. Simulating Starlink “Availability” Over the Philippines
7. Uganda announces a plan to build a ground station
8. S-Booster 2021; space-based business idea contest
9. Kyoto University and Sumitomo Forestry begin project to made a wooden satellite
10. Column #2 by Fatima of El Salvador
11. Short essays by the members of the BIRDS-2S Team; they tested their satellites at Kyutech with the help of BIRDS-4 members
12. Report from the Philippines
13. Report from Cambodia
14. Column #15 from Malaysia
15. Report from Italy
16. GST Column No. 7
17. BIRDS-3 Project updates
18. How the Tiny Kingdom of Bhutan Out-Vaccinated Most of the World
19. BIRDS-5: Simultaneous observations between BIRDS-5 and Arase
20. BIRDS-5: Hanami culture (appreciating cherry blossoms in Japan)
21. BIRDS-5: Mission boss and CPLD
22. BIRDS-5: Structural analysis
23. BIRDS-5: Antenna design and deployment
24. BIRDS-5: Derrick (of Uganda) explores Japanese cuisine
25. Tharindu goes through quarantine after arrival in home country of Sri Lanka

Newsletter 64:
Issue No. 64 was released on 24 May, 2021. Download the pdf here.. [11 MB]

1. JAXAGA School, collaboration between JAXA and Saga Prefecture
2. Extracurricular activities of Kyutech, an introduction
3. Athletics at Kyutech – sports for good health and for friendships
4. The case for a commercially driven space industry for Africa
5. UNISEC-Global makes presentation at 58th STSC of COPUOS
6. Manufacturing of satellites in Africa
7. When in Adelaide: visit the Australian Space Discovery Centre
8. Outstanding meeting programs created by Mark Angelo Purio of BIRDS-4 team
9. Column #3 by Fatima of El Salvador
10. BIRDS-4: Solar cell attachment training for other projects  delayed to next month
11. BIRDS-4: Golden Week !
12. Column #17 from Malaysia
13. Blank
14. LaSEINE Annual Progress Report 2020 is now available in pdf
15. BIRDS-3: De-orbiting time – very very preliminary estimates
16. Report from the Philippines
17. Ibukun (BIRDS-1, Nigeria) successfully defended Phd thesis on 17 May 2021
18. BIRDS-5: Development status of PINO
19. BIRDS-5: Schedule management
20. BIRDS-5: Improving the Double Langmuir Probe (DLP)
21. BIRDS-5: An overview of anechoic chamber results
22. BIRDS-5: Visualization of satellite attitude
23. BIRDS-5: One activity during Golden Week (annual long holiday in Japan)
24. BIRDS-5: Café report: Tanga Table
25. Kyutech researcher participated in online info event between Japan and Mexico
26. “S-Booster 2021” deadline has been extended

Newsletter 65:
Issue No. 65 was released on 23 June, 2021. Download the pdf here.. [12.7 MB]

1. UNISEC-Global “MIC 7” registration site is now open
2. Nikkei newspaper writes about Takato Mountain, which is near Kyutech
3. Kyutech conducted a webinar for UABC to recruit students for SEIC
4. BIRDS-3 satellite updates (de-orbit time is approaching)
5. Blank
6. Report from Paraguay
7. Kyushu National Museum
8. 3-min. Nihongo video to showcase FSSC (Foreign Student Sports Circle)
9. Kyutech and the international CIBER-2 Project
10. Self-intro by Jeje Kudakwashe (incoming PNST student from Zimbabwe)
11. Australian Space Discovery Centre in Adelaide, Australia
12. Report from Zimbabwe: Ground station RF test
13. Report from Zimbabwe: Amateur radio licensing course
14. ADCS simulator that was built at VNSC
15. BIRDS-4: Solar cell attachment training for other projects
16. Column #4 by Fatima of El Salvador
17. Column #18 from Malaysia
18. Olayinka's World -- Column #23 (report from Nigeria)
19. World Space Week for 2021
20. Experiencing BIRDS-4 satellite operations
21. Japanese Gardens, by Highlighting Japan, monthly news magazine
22. GST Column No. 8
23. Report from the Philippines
24. BIRDS-5: Report from the PINO team
25. BIRDS-5: Report about the API
26. BIRDS-5: Report on 2U structure (the Japanese satellite)
27. BIRDS-5: Deployment switch screening
28. BIRDS-5: Official jackets of the project
29. BIRDS-5: Lecture about Morocco (by Fahd)
30. BIRDS-5: Eid Mubarak from Japan
31. BIRDS-5: FSSC – Foreign Students Sports Circle

Newsletter 66:
Issue No. 66 was released on 28 July, 2021. Download the pdf here.. [18.7 MB]

1. Space Missions Design Training in Cameroon
2. The next president of the British Interplanetary Society (BIS)
3. New SEIC student from Thailand; starts at Kyutech in October 2021
4. New SEIC student from Bhutan; starts at Kyutech in October 2021
5. Trip report: 2021 FCC amateur radio exam conducted at Oita; taken by Kyutech staff and students
6. Report from the Philippines
7. Kyutech and the first satellite of Mauritius
8. Applications are open for the 7th round of UN/JAXA KiboCUBE competition
9. How the QR code was invented
10. Kyutech conducted a webinar for Argentina to recruit SEIC students
11. Early graduate of Kyutech attended Uganda’s independence ceremony of 1962
12. Special presentation by BIRDS-4 member: Flowers of Kitakyushu
13. If you wish, you can easily view the ISS with your own unassisted eyes
14. Column #5 by Fatima of El Salvador
15. Column #19 from Malaysia
16. BIRDS-5: Team jack photo shoot
17. BIRDS-5: Focusing for the lenses of the cameras
18. BIRDS-5: DLP testing at ISAS (JAXA facility)
19. BIRDS-5: Using GitHub Desktop
20. BIRDS-5: Tips for writing research papers
21. BIRDS-5: Ground sensor terminal
22. BIRDS-5: 1U integration
23. GST Column No. 9

Newsletter 67:
Issue No. 67 was released on 23 August, 2021. Download the pdf here.. [11.3 MB]

1. Photo report by Paolo from the Guiana Space Centre
2. Article about small satellites by Paolo is published by a newspaper in Rome
3. LEDSAT is an ESA “Fly Your Satellite” mission
4. New arrival at Kyutech from University of Tokyo; Max will be joining us in October-November, helping on mechanical tasks for satellites
5. The Japanese and the forests
6. BIRDS-3 announces a ground station competition
7. BIRDS-4 participation in iGARSS2021 Conference
8. Let’s join UNISEC Road-to-SPACE Club
9. Kyutech continues to be No. 1 among academic institutions with small satellites
10. The 7th round of KiboCUBE is now open for applications
11. BIRDS-5: Safety review
12. BIRDS-5: Report about our clean room
13. BIRDS-5: CubeSat TVT demonstration
14. BIRDS-5: Magnetometer calibration
15. BIRDS-5: JAXA-PINO researchers visited Kyutech
16. BIRDS-5: Attitude visualization of the satellite while in space
17. BIRDS-5: Multi-Spectral Sensor Testing
18. Heavy rains batter Kyushu during 6-12 July 2021 (NASA data)
19. Field test: Report from ISAS by BIRDS-3 member
20. Rei Kawashima’s book about CubeSats is published
21. GST Column No. 10
22. Report from Cambodia
23. The Future of CubeSat Propulsion
24. The Melbourne Space Program (of Australia)
25. The Genius of 3D Printed Rockets
26. Column #20 from Malaysia
27. YouTube video about satellite development at Kyutech
28. Column #6 by Fatima of El Salvador
29. Report from the Philippines

Newsletter 68:
Issue No. 68 was released on 21 September, 2021. Download the pdf here.. [12.93 MB]

1. 2022 UN/Kyutech PNST is now open for applications (space engineering scholarships)
2. Three students of SEIC receive IAF ESL awards
3. MIC-7: Kyutech team is among the finalists
4. BIRDS-2S satellites were successfully launched on a SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket
5. Launch of BIRDS-2 was covered on Manila STV
6. Report about space start-up industry
7. Single Event Latch-ups; or how the universe is hostile to computers
8. Latest news on StarLink of SpaceX
9. How do you sleep in space?
10. Logistics of the Int’l Space Station
11. Spending the summer in Japan
12. Trajectory design for deep space exploration missions, Dr. N. Ozaki
13. Paraguay’s participation in JAXA KIBO robot programming competition
14. YouTube channel: UNISECmovie
15. Self-introduction by incoming SEIC student: John Paul Almonte (“JP”)
16. A YouTube channel that aspires to explain Kyoto and Japanese culture to you
17. BIRDS-2 alumnus joins a start-up in Malaysi
18. Prof. Tsuda (Project Manager of Hayabusa-2) comments on 「キューブサット物語」
19. Report from (SDR) for Space Applications
20. Report from BhutanCameroon
21. Software Defined Radio
22. Report from the Philippines
23. Column #7 by Fatima of El Salvador
24. Olayinka's World – Column #24
25. Column #21 from Malaysia
26. Kyutech and UNISEC chair a session on higher education at APRSAF-27
27. GST Column No. 11
28. BIRDS-5: Critical Design Review of 31 August 2021
29. BIRDS-5: Women in space at Kyutech
30. BIRDS-5: BIRDS-NEST phone application
31. BIRDS-5: Facebook ads to promote BIRDS-5
32. BIRDS-5: Image classification mission
33. BIRDS-5: Onboard computer (OBC)
34. BIRDS-5: Space systems book seminars of SEIC
35. BIRDS-5: BIRDS-5: Test of the EM of double languir probe
36. Report from Cambodia, University of Tokyo edition

Newsletter 69:
Issue No. 69 was released on 19 October, 2021. Download the pdf here.. [10.56 MB]

1. 4th International Workshop on Lean Satellite – January 2022
2. Kyutech celebrates WSW (World Space Week) with Women in Space production
3. UNOOSA and Kyutech conducted a Webinar about PNST on 22 Sept 2021
4. Laboratory Fall Semester Kick Off (Cho Lab—all staff and all students)
5. SEIC Orientation for incoming new students
6. Prototype of a coarse analog sun sensor
7. Re-entry of BIRDS-3 CubeSats
8. BIRDS-5: Kyutech celebrates WSW with Women in Space Theme
9. BIRDS-5: Inauguration of ZINGSA (space agency of Zimbabwe)
10. BIRDS-5: Calibration of the satellite’s gyroscope
11. 2022 UN/Kyutech PNST is now open for applications (space engineering scholarships)
12. Results of the BIRDS-3 competition
13. Development of Simplified Thermal Analysis Tool for CubeSat Design
14. Report from the Philippines
15. Column #22 from Malaysia
16. Garvey McIntosh (NASA Asia rep) does out reach work in Nagasaki

Newsletter 70:
Issue No. 70 was released on 24 November, 2021. Download the pdf here.. [17.6 MB]

1. J-CUBE announcement
2. KiboCUBE Academy: Season 2
3. Science observation during the extended mission of Hayabusa 2
4. A good overview of Perovskite solar cell technology (see also Sec.14 below)
5. A CubeSat project from Mitsui Bussan Aerospace Co., Ltd.
6. Self-introduction by Rafiki Yves of Rwanda
7. Japan’s rich culture of stone
8. A survey of communication constellations in operation
9. Paraguay's first satellite, GuaraniSat-1
10. Nihonbashi Space Week
11. AGU mentions BIRDS-5: "Zimbabwe’s Scientists Look Forward to Country’s First Satellite“
12. Column #8 by Fatima of El Salvador
13. UNISEC-Global: Final presentations of MIC-7 at Tokyo on 13 Nov 2021
14. Izrael Bautista defended his Phd thesis on 12 November 2021
15. During 2021 IAC in Dubai: Kyutech and ISU renew MoU in a small ceremony
16. Report from Uganda: World Science Day
17. Report from Africa: Senegal's first-ever satellite to go into orbit in 2023
18. Column #23 from Malaysia
19. Report from the Philippines
20. Nikkei Virtual Global Forum: The Future of Space
21. Our new SEIC student (JP) with JICA scholarship explains JICA space training
22. BIRDS-5: Analysis of vibration test results
23. BIRDS-5: Ground sensor terminal
24. BIRDS-5: Environmental Control and Life Supporting Systems (ECLSS) for Space Stations and Deep Space
25. BIRDS-5: World Space Week national coordinators

Newsletter 71:
Issue No. 71 was released on 27 December, 2021. Download the pdf here.. [14.4 MB]

1. BIRDS-5 media news in Uganda
2. The Government of Paraguay recognizes Kyutech’s BIRDS-4 achievement
3. Also mentioned at Kyutech’s website
4. Paraguay‘s first satellite, GuaraniSat-1 日本語記事
5. Highlighting Japan: The Charms of Japan's Islands
6. IAA Latin American Symposium on Small Satellites - Quito - March 2022
7. Kyutech staff and students deliver 6U KITSUNE satellite to JAXA
8. Column #24 from Malaysia
9. Report from the Philippines
10. ZIMSAT-1 Ground Station Progress
11. BIRDS-5: OBC subsystem
12. BIRDS-5: Lean management approach
13. BIRDS-5: PINO power line
14. BIRDS-5: Genetic algorithm
15. BIRDS-5: BPB and PINO integration test
16. BIRDS-5: Space activity law

Newsletter 72:
Issue No. 72 was released on 31 January, 2022. Download the pdf here.. [15.8 MB]

1. Report from the Philippines
2. Self-intro by Giulio Mattei – research intern who will soon come to LaSEINE
3. Column #25 from Malaysia
4. Report from Kenya
5. 2022 CubeSat Prize by Arizona State University
6. Report from Cameroon
7. Any one can join Lean Sat Project
8. Monthly virtual meeting of UNISEC-Global
9. Laboratory group photo of January 2022
10. Ground station update from Zimbabwe
11. Highlighting Japan: Origami
12. The Japanese members of the IAF
13. Highlights of IAF in 2021
14. Virtual meeting between UNISEC-Japan and UNISEC-Bangladesh on 27 Jan 2022
15. BIRDS-5: Status of the flight models
16. BIRDS-5: Update on antenna deployment
17. BIRDS-5: Drone experiment for calibration purposes
18. BIRDS-5: Anechoic chamber test updates
19. BIRDS-5: ADCS flight model test setup
20. BIRDS-5: Calibration of flight model magnetometer
21. Space forecasts from Euroconsult

Newsletter 73:
Issue No. 73 was released on 28 February, 2022. Download the pdf here.. [14.9 MB]

1. Once again BryceTech declares that Kyutech is the No.1 operator of academic small sats
2. Highlighting Japan: Snow Country
3. BIRDS Bus Open Source Webinar #3
4. Report from the Philippines
5. Kyutech and Kyushu University collaborate on space engineering education
6. During 2022 UNISEC-Global conducts UNISEC Local Chapter Empowerment Program
7. BIRDS-4: Lookback on BIRDS-4 experiences
8. BIRDS-4: Satellites Housekeeping analysis
9. BIRDS-4: Camera Mission Summary Report
10. BIRDS-4: APRS Digipeater Mission
11. BIRDS-4: Perovskite solar cell mission results
12. BIRDS-4: TMCR mission: On-orbit TID test
13. BIRDS-4: HNT mission: On-orbit demonstration of Loop Hentenna
14. BIRDS-4: Glue and NTU Missions Report
15. UNISEC-Turkey hosted the virtual UNISEC-Global meeting of 19 Feb 2022
16. Column #26 from Malaysia
17. Kyutech student Etsunaga arrives in Rome for his 4th year undergrad studies
18. Announcement for virtual GST workshop 2022
19. BIRDS-5: Ground station progress in Zimbabwe
20. BIRDS-5: Long duration testing
21. BIRDS-5: Flight Model power budget
22. BIRDS-5: Satellite fit check
23. BIRDS-5: PINO test
24. BIRDS-5: International Workshop on Lean Satellite
25. BIRDS-5: Weekly project meeting of 25 Feb 2022 via ZOOM
26. BIRDS ground station antenna was damaged by strong winds

Newsletter 74:
Issue No. 74 was released on 31 March, 2022. Download the pdf here.. [11.1 MB]

1. “Smallsats by the Numbers” (Bryce Tech) is mentioned by a Kyutech publication
2. Yudai Etsunaga (B3 student) has arrived in Rome, Italy
3. Kyutech's nanosatellite testing center wins space project award of Japanese gov’t
4. Report from the Philippines
5. News on Perovskite solar cells
6. News from Cameroon: The drought in Lake Chad
7. Low-cost seismometers using Raspberry Pi
8. Highlighting Japan: Japan’s cool train stations
9. Wedding bells for Izrael, Project Manager, BIRDS-4
10. Introduction to ground testing facilities for electron irradiation
11. Column #27 from Malaysia
12. PNST students who begin at Kyutech in Oct 2022
13. BIRDS-5: Flight Readiness Review was held on 10 March 2022
14. A chance for grad students to get published (extreme space environments)
15. Ground station update from Zimbabwe
16. KITSUNE was deployed from the ISS with a public viewing at Kyutech
17. Some of the scientific payloads of Kyutech satellite
18. Letter from President Oie to the President of AEP (Paraguay)
19. The next issue of the BIRDS Project Newsletter will be the final one

Newsletter 75:
Issue No. 75 was released on 30 April, 2022. Download the pdf here.. [45.4 MB]
1. Farewell messages
2. SEIC students send-off Adolfo (BIRDS-4 second project manager) at Fukuoka Airport
3. Join the mailing list for “BIRDS Bus Open Source” information
4. Column #28 from Malaysia
5. G.Maeda retires from Kyutech this month; his successor is T.Fuse
6. G.Maeda gave Farewell Address to meeting of SEIC Town Hall
7. Power Budget Analysis for 1U satellite
8. BIRDS-DB / store & forward database system
9. FAQs for JR rail passes
10. Outstanding review of rocketry history in Japan, by Scott Manley
11. SEIC Guest Lecture: In-person lecture by Garvey McIntosh (NASA Attache@US_Embassy_Tokyo)
12. New student self-introduction: Hanadi of Sudan
13. Report from the Philippines
14. PNST students who begin at Kyutech in Oct 2022
15. Recent arrival of SEIC students (who could not get in due to COVID restrictions)
16. Celebrating the arrival of some new SEIC students with a BBQ party
17. Spring Kick-Off Session of Cho Lab (12 April 2022)
18. Polimey (Cambodia) reviews 4 months of Kyutech life
19. GST virtual workshop 2022 – organizer’s report
20. African Space Generation Workshop (AF-SGW)
21. Fahd engages with space lawyers at 2021 IAC Dubai
22. BIRDS-5: PINO test (Kamitani)
23. BIRDS-5: ADCS (Fukudome)
24. BIRDS-5: COTs camera in review (Bonny)
25. BIRDS-5: Final article (Derrick)
26. BIRDS-5: Final article (Jeje)
27. BIRDS-5: Final article (Keenan)
28. BIRDS-5: Final article (Edgar)
29. BIRDS-5: OBC (Otani)
30. BIRDS-5: Summary of my Participation in BIRDS-5 Project (Ramson)
31. BIRDS-5: Summary of my BIRDS-5 experience (Fahd)
32. BIRDS-5: Final article (Oshiro)
33. BIRDS-5: Final article (Timothy)
34. BIRDS-5: Ground station update from ZINGSA
35. BIRDS-4: NASA writes about Paraguay’s first satellite
36. Final speaker list for “SEIC Guest Lecture Series” (2021-2022)
37. JAXA-UNISEC’s “J-CUBE” is open for business !!!
############# END OF TABLE OF CONTENTS OF BPN; no more issues of it ############