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GEDC Diversity Award Winner


The Joint Global Multi-Nation Birds Satellite project. acronym as “Birds project.” is a cross-border interdisciplinary satellite project. for non-space faring countries supported by Japan (participating countries are; Ghana, Mongolia, Nigeria and Bangladesh) During this 2 years project., students shall design, develop and operate 5units of identical 1U CubeSats (1kg, 10cm cubic) belonging to the five participating countries and operated from 7 ground stations (operation is done at 7 ground stations; the 5 participating countries including Thailand and Taiwan) to form first time in the world a constellation of 5 CubeSats operated in 7 networked ground stations. 15 students from 6 of the 7 participating countries who belong to Graduate school of Engineering of the Kyushu Institute of Technology and enrolled as a Master or Doctoral degree students in Space Engineering International Course are executing this project. with the support of 4 faculty members. It has also won 2017 GEDC Airbus Diversity Award. This project. hopes to provide great leverage to students from developing nations for hands on satellite project.
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Our Amazing Team

BIRDS project. team is lead by 4 faculty members and 15 students of Kyutech.

Prof. Mengu Cho

Principal Investigator, BIRDS project.

Professor, Kyushu Institute of Technology.

Dr. Hirokazu Masui

Assistant Professor, Kyushu Institute of Technology.

Dr. Arifur Rahman Khan

Assistant Professor, Kyushu Institute of Technology.

George Maeda

Assistant Professor, Kyushu Institute of Technology.

Dr. Sangkyun Kim

Assistant Professor, Kyushu Institute of Technology.

Tejumola Taiwo

Project Manager, BIRDS project.

Dashdondog Erdenabaatar

Electrical Power System, BIRDS project.

Turtogtokh Tumenjargal

On Board Computer, BIRDS project.

Bonsu Benjamin

Ground Station, BIRDS project.

Dagvasumberel Amartuvshin

Main Payload, BIRDS project.

Apiwat Jirawattanaphol

Ground Station, BIRDS project.

Ernest Matey

POS Mission, BIRDS project.

Quansah Joseph

ATM Mission, BIRDS project.

Adebolu Ibukun

Structure, BIRDS project.

Nakamura Naoki

Structure, BIRDS project.

Tokunaga Yasuhiro

Motherboard, BIRDS project.

Shigyo Masanori

Main Payload, BIRDS project.

Raihana S.I. Antara

Antenna Deployment, BIRDS project.

Abdulla Hil Kafi

Mission Board, BIRDS project.

Maisun Ibn Monowar

Communication Subsystem, BIRDS project.

Reuben Jikeme Umunna

BIRDS project.


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For any inquiry, please contact,

Prof. Mengu Cho
Principal Investigator, BIRDS Project,
Director, Laboratory of Spacecraft Environment Interaction Engineering,
Kyushu Institute of Technology,
1-1 Sensui-cho, Tobata-ku, Kitakyushu, 804-8550, Japan.
Tel&fax +81-93-884-3228