Quansah Joseph Neenyi Kojo Krobo

ATM Mission, BIRDS Project.

My role in the BIRDS Project:
As being first of its kind and also aiming at performing state of the art missions. One of the missions is to measure the atmospheric density at low earth orbit using a constellation of CubeSat and I am assigned to that task. The mission aims at predicting the atmospheric density with the change in satellite altitude as it orbits. We love BIRDS and wouldn’t want to lose track of it in orbit, therefore I am also assigned to the ground software determination of the BIRDS attitude and orientation in orbit.
The project also ensures to have a good management and development process and due to that, I am also included in a team responsible for the production and risk management of this project which leads to the fulfilment of its manager.

My country is: Ghana
My major in college: Electronics and Communication Engineering