Abdulla Hil Kafi

Mission Board, BIRDS Project

My role in the BIRDS Project:
In BIRDS project I am working on several systems including Attitude Determination and Control System(ADCS), SNG , Single Event Latch-up(SEL), RESET System Design. For a satellite, it is very important to make the satellite stable while orbiting in the space to communicate with ground station and to take picture of our homeland. And I am working to make our satellite stable using passive stabilization system with permanent magnet and hysteresis damper. For the detection of the Earth direction during CAM mission execution BIRDS’s ADCS will equip with gyro sensors and Magnetometer.

For SEL Mission’s my work is to identify correlation of SEL occurrence with satellite locations, time, and space weather. It will help the future Lean satellite builders to have good knowledge about SEL occurrences. Satellite itself a very sensitive device. And the Space environment is very complex. Many undesirable event like single event latch-up may hamper its system. To look after main motherboard and to make sure OCP is working perfectly or not we use a RESET system. If OCP fail to reset the circuit after any SEL occurrences or if any malfunction happened in main motherboard this RESET System will reset whole system. The key feature of SNG mission is to send a song file from ground to JGMNB-Satellite and then be broadcasted to Ham-receivers on ground. For general people in developing country, it will be a matter of amazed that they will hear song from space and this mission will definitely give them positive knowledge about satellite technology. So, this SNG mission will serve the purpose of expanding the satellite radio communication technology, educating the younger generation of the numerous benefits of voice communication via satellite and to advance their skills in this field.

My country is: Bangladesh
My major in college: B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Website: www.team-centurions.com