Turtogtokh Tumenjargal

On Board Computer, BIRDS Project.

My role in the BIRDS Project:
I am very excited to be as a part of Birds project that is cooperation between multinational universities. In Birds project, I am primarily working on On-board Computer (OBC) system and my major role is to provide reliable and proper operation of brain for our satellites. OBC has high responsibility for satellite’s properly working in space and It’s duty is not only execution of commands from ground station but also collecting and managing housekeeping data, time and schedule, and controlling subsystems such as payloads, antenna deployment and electrical power supply.
I observe that our project is very effective to learn space and system engineering from the beginning. We learn a lot of things within in last two months. I hope that Birds journey will be extraordinary and result will be great.
Of course, before seeing the result, I have to finish many cups of coffee.

My country is: Mongolia
My major in college: Physics and Electronics