Electrical Power System, BIRDS Project.

My role in the BIRDS Project:
My roles in project are Electrical Power System in Productive section and Interface management in non-productive section of Satellite Development. Electric Power System consists of Solar panels as power generator, Ni-MH battery as Power storage and Power management and Distribution unit. We will make Solar panel attachment on surface by workmanship. In interface case, all sub-systems and missions communication and power interfaces should be as much as compact. After BIRDS, I will comeback my country to work as teacher of Space Engineering in University and have planned to accomplish our individual Cubesat project based on what we are doing now.

My country is: Mongolia
My major in college:
Bachelor: Physics and Electronics, National University of Mongolia
Master: Physics and Electronics, National University of Mongolia
Doctoral (in process): Engineering of High Power Semiconductor Device, Space Engineering international Course (SEIC)