Raihana Shams Islam Antara

Antenna Deployment, BIRDS Project.

My role in the BIRDS Project: I am working on Antenna deployment system of BIRDS project and in charge to bring out a totally new concept of Antenna Deployment. Previously all the nano-satellite project used the outside mechanism for deployment but for our project the plan is using the inside mechanism for deployment system which is kind of complicated work and this makes my task challenging. If the deployment will successful, then it will pave a way to new innovation for deployment system. I am also designing the antennas that will deploy for starting the communication between satellite and ground station.

Besides this I am working with SNG mission. SNG is one of the main mission of BIRDS project and it is considered as an outreach missions. The general idea of SNG is to be able to receive audio file (music) from satellite using Ham-Radio receivers via (UHF) band. For countries whose first satellite project is JGMNB-BIRD’s CubeSat, this mission will be one of the novel missions to be introduced to its general public. I am also the part of the “Ground Station Team’’. The ground station network is very important to start the early operation of satellite. After completing the antenna deployment system, I will start working with the ground station team.

My country is: Bangladesh
My major in college: Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Website: www.team-centurions.com